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The Safest Cleaning Chemicals To Use in Your Home

Having adequate cleaning materials in home is important to maintain hygiene and to improve the cleanliness of your place. There are diverse types of cleaning chemicals suitable for different surfaces. For instance for bathrooms, cleaning chemicals for bathrooms are available and for cleaning surfaces such as glasses there are glass cleaning chemicals available. 
Diverse types of cleaners have different ingredients suitable for varied surfaces. Therefore for eliminating the probability of any damage to the surface it is vital to use the right type of chemicals. You should also be aware that cleaning chemicals might have toxic ingredients in it hence while buying these products you have to ensure that the ingredients present in it are safe and are not harmful to anyone. Hygiene Links, cleaning chemical supplier and manufacturer in Dubai, UAE have numerous products suitable for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Being the leading chemical supplier and manufacturer in Dubai, UAE, there are multiple products with us that are of high quality and that which can be utilized for different purposes. Let us discuss some of the safest cleaning chemicals which can be used in your home.

Cleaning essentials for kitchen


Kitchen as you know is the place where food is cooked and stored. Hence while cleaning the kitchen you have to make sure that you are using non-toxic chemicals. You should also ensure that everything is kept properly covered and away from the area where you are cleaning. Using toxic chemicals from poor brands in a kitchen can cause serious threats to your health. Even the evaporated gas form the chemicals can get mixed with food and also poor grade soap and detergents which are used to wash plates can harm you. The toxic ingredients from the cleaning chemicals get to your body. Cleaning chemicals which have been manufactured from reputed brands and which are suitable to be used in kitchens have to be used. Some products from Hygeine Links, cleaning chemicals manufacturers in the Middle East, which are of standard grade include Super care Dish Wash liquid, Hi-Care Dish Wash Liquid, Nicy Care Dish Wash Liquid, Super Care Auto Dish Wash, Super Care Oven & Grill Cleaner etc. 

General Household Cleaners 


Some general household cleaners include stainless steel cleaners, furniture cleaners drain cleaners etc. These are cleaning chemicals which are used occasionally. Therefore along with buying non-toxic products it is recommended to buy quantity that is suitable for your household. Storing chemicals without using it is not advisable. Once the expiry date is over you have to throw it away since it will become harmful. Products from Hygiene Links, cleaning chemicals manufacturers in the Middle East, under this category include Hi Power Cement Remover, Aqua Drainage Opener, Hi-Power Acid Cleaner etc. 

Cleaning Essentials for Bathroom


While buying bathroom chemical cleaners, you have to make sure that they are non-toxic. Toxic chemical cleaners are not only harmful for people who use it but also such cleaners may contain strong ingredients that may cause damage to the bathroom floors and to the bathroom fixtures. Hence it is advisable to buy bathroom cleaners from trusted sellers. Products sold by Hygiene Links, the trusted cleaning chemicals supplier in Dubai, UAE, under the category of bathroom essentials include Super Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Hi – Care Floor & Bathroom Cleaner, Super Power Floor & Bathroom Cleaner etc. 



Along with cleaning a place disinfecting the area is also important. Disinfecting your home can kill germs and other disease causing micro-organisms. Some disinfectants from Hygiene Links, the best cleaning chemicals supplier in Dubai, UAE include Fresh Lavender Disinfectant Floral Disinfectant, Antiseptic Disinfectant, Sanitol Disinfectant, Citrus Pine Disinfectant etc.

Other essential cleaners


Other cleaners which are used in home include floor cleaners, stain removers, odour removes, glass and mirror cleaners etc.