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Disinfectants UAE

Cleaning Chemicals Supplier in Dubai, UAE

As compared to an antiseptic, disinfectants are chemical agents used to kill viruses and microbes (germs), such as bacteria and fungi. The ideal disinfectant provides full sterilization, being inexpensive and non-corrosive without harming other types of existence.

For the disinfection and cleaning of sinks, drains, toilets, urinals, work areas and bathrooms, disinfectant may be used extensively. In sick rooms, it may also be used for spraying. In using disinfectant as a successful deodorizer, the high citrus pine scent greatly helps.


We carry a quality range of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants for clients across the country. As a cleaning chemicals supplier in Dubai, UAE, we serve commercial and domestic customers. All of the products we carry in stock are tested to ensure quality, environmentally friendly, and meeting the safety standards imposed by the United Arab Emirates government.


Disinfectants can kill any germs that remain on lifeless surfaces and can reduce the transmission of germs. Disinfecting is appropriate for kitchen surfaces such as countertops, toys as well as bathroom surfaces including cabinet and door handles, diaper tables, and toilets. Several disinfectants do not have cleaning agents. When using those kinds of disinfectants, it is essential to use detergent or soapy cleaning products for dirty surfaces before you disinfect. With the emergence of a global pandemic, the demand for disinfectants has increased.


We offer minimally toxic disinfectants that are safe for the environment. With quality and minimally toxic disinfectants, you can reduce the physical effort required for cleaning your surfaces. This way, you can save the time and money associated with cleaning and disinfecting tasks at home or your business location.


Hygiene Link cares for the healthy environment. Therefore, its complete factory setup manufactures the disinfectant and supplies it throughout Dubai, UAE.

Hygiene Link manufactures a wide range of disinfectants with various fragrance. Following is the list of disinfectants:

  • Pine Disinfectant
  • Golden Pine Disinfectant
  • Sanitol Disinfectant
  • Lavender Disinfectant
  • Fresh Lavender Disinfectant
  • Floral Disinfectant
  • Antiseptic Disinfectant
  • Citrus Pine Disinfectant

The features of these disinfectants are:

  • Economical in use
  • Long lasting pine fragrance
  • Ideal for general disinfectants
  • Perfect for use on most floors, wall and drain, in school, nursing homes, oces, vets,medical centres and factories
  • Makes the surface clean, disinfectants & leaves good fragrance

With clean water, the disinfectant can be readily diluted. Apply mist, mop or brush after dilution. It is better recommended, before rinsing with water, to leave the surface for a few minutes. Until the disinfectant can be rinsed off, a complete bactericidal operation would take a short period.

The goal of Hygiene Link is to deliver superior quality & value products and services that deliver our customers better business opportunities.

With this goal, Hygiene Link is now one of the most leading companies in manufacturing and supplying disinfectants in all over Dubai, UAE.