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Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE & Middle East

  • Cement Remover

  • Acid cleaner (hydrochloric acid)

  • Acid Cleaner Premium (hydrochloric acid)

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Economical

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Premium

  • Floor & Bathroom Cleaner

  • Floor & Bathroom Cleaner(premium)

  • Drainage Opener (Aqua)

Cleaning Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE


Hygiene Links are the leading cleaning chemical supplier and manufacturer in Dubai, UAE. In the residential and commercial sectors, a safe and hygienic atmosphere is very necessary as it helps to protect people from different disease forms. A clean and healthy environment improves and enhances the overall look and comfort of the premises. All rooms, such as toilets, floors, kitchens, walls, doors, windows, tapestries, and electronic equipment require careful maintenance and cleaning. With this in mind, in 2005, we, Hygiene Link, began the business of manufacturing and supplying cleaning chemicals in Dubai, UAE.


Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturers in the Middle East


We deliver some of the finest cleaning products including cleaning chemicals across the United Arab Emirates and have long been serving clients from different industries. Are you searching for a quality cleaning chemical supplier and manufacturer in Dubai, UAE? If you are, look no further than Hygiene Links. We provide top-quality cleaning chemicals that will not cost you too much. So, when you are seeking quality cleaning products that do not break the bank, consider dealing with us as we have just those kinds of goods.


We work with some of the best cleaning chemicals manufacturers in the Middle East, so our customers can attest to the quality of products available here. We know that it is potentially difficult to find the right products for your janitorial application. This is why our customer support team is always on hand to help you with the selection process too. Our seasoned customer service professionals can guide you through the process to make it easier for you. We are also committed to delivering environmentally friendly products; our commitment extends to cleaning chemicals as well.


Cleaning Chemicals Supplier in Dubai, UAE 


Are you seeking a cleaning chemical supplier and manufacturer in Dubai, UAE, that deals in environmentally friendly products? We deal in the kinds of products that do not majorly harm the environment and that meet global environmental standards.


Hygiene Link is active in both manufacturing and trading activities. We owe our clients top priority and therefore aim to deliver them the highest degree of satisfaction. Instead of going for its amount, we always go for the product's consistency. As our goods are environmentally friendly, they comply with both environmental standards and consumers who are ecologically conscious. The most integral part of the business is highly skilled professionals and quality experts associated with us who empowers us to keep pace with the current market requirements.


Professional Cleaning Chemical Supplier in Dubai, UAE 


Hygiene Link is one of the leading Cleaning Chemical suppliers and Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE. We are committed to the manufacture of kitchen care items, washroom care products, health care products, laundromats, floor clothes, and auto care products. We are aware of all facets of the method of private labeling.  Our goods can be packaged and labeled according to our customer's requirements. Our products from the reliable eco friendly chemicals suppliers in  dubai UAE are biodegradable and eco-friendly.


We have made progress in maintaining the high quality of our services to meet our objectives and achieve success in the local market so that our client's interest in their projects can be met.


With great experience, production, change, and growth we work with leading companies such as the major contractors, residence communities, hospitals, and industrial factories.


We are so optimistic that our customers will be pleased with the outstanding results our team will deliver, which will bring value to you and deliver the planned objectives with our best results.