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What is the Perfect way to Paint Wooden Furniture?

The furniture at home fills in light and increases the overall appeal of a space. When you take proper care of the furniture they can last for years. However, one must be extra cautious with the maintenance as it can be a bit tricky. From proper cleaning to polishing and coloring, one needs to do it all to guarantee their favorite furniture piece lasts for years. You can find furniture polishing companies for professional assistance. While in case you prefer a DIY route, contact a good furniture polish supplier in Muscat, Oman, to purchase the right polish for your specific furniture piece. Once done with that, here are the steps you need to follow to paint your wooden furniture in the right way.

How to paint wooden furniture?


  • Cleaning
The first and most vital step to achieving a good finish is cleaning the furniture as this helps remove soot and grains, which, when mixed with paint, can give an unusual look. Also, it will reduce the adhesion between the surface and adhesion. You can consider using powder cleansers as they are effective in cleaning the grains with accuracy. You can make your purchase from a local paint shop. The cleansing process is divided into the following steps.
In this step, you have to remove the scratches present on the joints and corners of the furniture. After sanding, the wooden furniture gets rough and becomes capable of easily absorbing the paint.
2. Stripping
It is the step done to remove any existing paint or stickers present on the wooden furniture.
  • Adhesion test
Once you have cleaned your wooden furniture well, the next step is to check the adhesion quality of your wooden furniture. For this, you need to apply a primer thoroughly on the wooden surface. As soon as the primer dries, make sure it is stuck well to the surface and there is no bubble like presene.
  • Disassembly
To guarantee you paint the furniture with accuracy, it is essential to disassemble the piece. Once done with the adhesion test, you need to use the right tools to disassemble the furniture. No doubt some furniture might be hard to disassemble. But in such cases, you can simply remove the joints that are connected with screws.
By disassembling, you will have the ease of painting in every joint and corner of the furniture. Once you are done with painting, you must leave the furniture parts to dry and assemble them.
  • Trimming
While painting the side corners you must trim the paintbrush feathers. When the trimming process is avoided, you will split the paint into other parts of the furniture where you need to apply different colors.
  • First coat
When you begin painting, make sure to start with a minimal amount. While painting, moves the rollers with the same pressure in the same direction. Further, see that you have applied the coat on the edges but not in the cavities. If the furniture paint color is black or brown, you must be extra cautious as dark colors can spoil the entire aesthetic of the furniture if painted inappropriately.
Once done with the first court, you must leave the paint to dry for at least 1 hour. While if you find any spots you have missed during the first coat, then do not hurry. If the furniture looks saturated, then it’s a single you haven’t painted right.
  • Second coat
Although most painting work gets completed after the first coat, the second court must be done to even look for the perfect finish. Therefore, while performing the second coat, paint only those areas where the color is diminished or imperfect. 
The second coat is done to clear out the issues or imperfection that occurred during the first coat.
  • Polish
Finally, the last step is to use the right polish to bring back the shine and glow of your furniture. To ensure you use the right polish for your furniture, you need to contact good furniture polish suppliers in Dubai, UAE. They will offer you the right help in choosing the best polish for your purpose.
Painting the furniture, yourself can be a challenging job. You must have adequate skills and tools to perform the painting job with efficiency. You can easily find numerous furniture polish suppliers in Muscat, Oman, who can offer the right tools and products to guarantee good paint. However, among all Hygiene Links is the best suppliers who can offer you fair priced and quality products. Also, they are among the few cleaning chemical supplier and manufacturers in Dubai, UAE. With them, you can make a purchase of the right paint products at a highly affordable rate. So do not wait and contact them today to get great deals and offers on your purchase.