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Ways To Make Your Cleaning Easier: Efficient Cleaning Tips

Nowadays, more individuals clean their homes daily than at any time in the past thanks to coronavirus. Many people are using the rooms in their residence as home office spaces, so there is more emphasis on keeping these rooms clean. After all, you do not want to attend a Zoom call with untidy backgrounds or unclean surroundings. You might realize the importance of this household chore but may not know how to streamline the process. Here, as a cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE, we will share some tips and tricks to help make it quicker, more efficient for you.

A Shower Cleaning Hack


Is your showerhead clogged with a substance known as limescale? If so, wrap the showerhead in a bag that is made of plastic and is filled partway with a white vinegar solution, and secure the bag with rubber bands. Keep it idle for half an hour, and then it will look almost brand new. If you lack white vinegar at home or do want to use it, you may also seek a showerhead cleaner alternative from cleaning products manufacturers in Muscat, Oman.

A Carpet Cleaning Tip

With many friends and relatives visiting your house, there may be carpets looking slightly worse. To remove smelly odors from your carpet, sprinkle sodium bicarbonate over it with a mesh sieve. Then, leave the carpet for some hours or overnight for it to absorb the sodium bicarbonate content. After that, vacuum or utilize a carpet cleaner with spray extraction technology that uses detergent and water for a deep clean-up job. There is many a cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE, with spray extraction cleaning machines. So, if you are in need of one, do a quick search on the internet.

A Hallway Cleaning Trick

After guests walk in and around the hallway, you may gradually see more scuff spots on the walls there. For a simple fix, gently rub a soft tennis ball against the scuff marks, and you are good to go. When searching for cleaning products manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE, no one would consider this alternative use of tennis balls.

Microwave Cleaning Tips


As a cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE, we know that cleaning a microwave oven can appear to be a laborious process. Therefore, it may not be on your list of things to do at home. That said, there is an environmentally friendly and fast way of getting the equipment sparkling again. Just put some lemon slices in a bowl filled with water, and include a toothpick in it to keep it from flowing over when boiling. Put that bowl in your microwave and set 3 to 5 minutes as the heating time. It will make all the grime and grease looser and will simplify wiping it away using a cloth.

Clean Your Vacuum Too

There are several cleaning material suppliers throughout Oman with all sorts of products, and you may have the best of these items at home. Now, whichever cleaning equipment and supplies you use, efficient cleaning requires using some common sense too. For instance, vacuuming with maximum suction power and efficiency requires keeping the cleaning machine well maintained too. This entails changing the disposable vacuum bags as well as cleaning the bottom and the inside of the equipment and its rotating brush.