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Brooms and Mops

Hygiene Links is one of the best brooms and mops suppliers in UAE catering to different industries. Our cleaning products are well appreciated for their quality, durability and reliability.Our brooms and mops product range comprises of soft brooms, hard brooms, hand brushes, feather dusters, wire brushes, toilet brushes and wide varieties of mops and clips.We have stocked mops and brooms which are manufactured by complying international standards using latest technology.

We offer our brooms and mops at affordable prices.The yarn and plastic used to make mops and brushes are of finest quality that they don’t get destroyed even after daily use for a long time. They are useful in cleaning almost all surfaces without exerting much effort. They are available in various colors and thickness to choose from.

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  • Mops and Clips

  • Feather Duster

  • Toilet Brush

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Trusted Cleaning Material Supplier by FM Companies in Dubai, UAE

“We may experience Heaven on Earth; it could be our homes, our surroundings, and our workplaces that represent a secure, clean world.”

And we ‘Hygiene Links’ take this responsibility.
Started as a simple company with the goal of taking responsibility for keeping your clients’ surroundings clean, we are now one of the leading cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, UAE

We are the leading supplier of Cleaning Materials such asTTS Products, Plastic Jerry Cans, Tissue Products, Dispensers, Brooms and Mops, Aerosol Products, Bins, Plastic Bags, Mop Buckets & Trolley, Detergent & Disinfectants, and miscellaneous products.

We specialize in the supply of high-quality hygiene products. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, we deal with reliable, durable, and affordable cleaning materials in Dubai, UAE.

In addition to other cleaning materials, and chemical items in Dubai, UAE, we deal with complete Janitorial supplies such as brooms, vacuums, mops, buckets, gloves, wipers, garbage bags, and trash cans.

For kitchens, floors as well as all other household cleaning items in the UAE, we are a one-stop solution. In Dubai, UAE, we are the most trusted cleaning materials supplier by Cleaning & Facility management companies in the UAE. Hygiene Link is one of the oldest cleaning materials supplier in Dubai, UAE, for all reputable brands from a small item to the larger one. Even in the context of the global pandemic scenario, Hygiene Link also supplies up an entire range of COVID safety cleaning products such as sanitizers, hand washes, disinfectants, and also face safety masks in Dubai, UAE.

We, therefore, offer high-quality products extensively researched and imported from various parts of the world, such as Italy, Taiwan, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and China

Top Cleaning Equipment Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Hygiene Link brings a complete solution to supply you the cleaning equipment and hygiene products. For the last fifteen years, Hygiene Link has been a leading cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE because of its best service providing strategy. We have broadened our portfolio to cover all cleaning equipment and services to fulfill every price point and work specification in the Janitorial and Sanitation industry. Some of our clients are Bin Butti International Holdings LLC, Tanzifco, Imdaad, Dussmann, Emirates College of Technology, Advanced Facilities and Management, Lavajet, Al Raha International Integrated Facilities Management LLC, Al Shirawi FM, Duserve Facilities Management and many more in all around Dubai, UAE. We supply all kinds of high-quality cleaning equipment such as Air freshener, bins, cleaning clothes, cleaning trolleys and buckets, diffusers, disposable masks and gloves, dusters, hand dryers, handles, industrial floor cleaning tools, industrial gloves, industrial roll dispensers, paper and soap dispensers, paper towel, etc.

Hygiene Link has always been vigilant to ensure that the highest quality materials and equipment are always received by consumers and are targeted at 100 % customer satisfaction. We have an outstanding track for the highest satisfaction for customers as the best cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE.

We have never compromised on the efficiency and the services offered to the user. We care about keeping our clients satisfied and offering products to them at a very acceptable rate. We have an excellent staff who will guide our clients with their greatest suggestions by keeping in regular communication. Our team is also working to make people aware about the benefits of good sanitation.

In order to take better care of our customers' working environment while improving the safety, and health of us all, we aim to deliver outstanding solutions for cleaning equipment, products and systems. We aim to ensure that our presence transforms the lives of everyone we serve in terms of hygiene. We still aim to uphold our safe and hygienic atmosphere of social and environmental responsibility

Best Cleaning Equipment Supplier in Abu Dhabi, UAE

We are one of the most renowned cleaning equipment suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In this competitive market, our hard-work and integrity have built our credibility. We're here to supply you with only the best brands from well-known companies in the world that manufacture hygienic and cleaning equipment. We have a long list of satisfied customers in Abu Dhabi as an acknowledgment of our commitment.

We are committed to delivering high quality cleaning equipment and renowned brands with dedicated customer support and uncompromising living and community development standards.

In the field of industrial and commercial cleaning, we have vast experience and specialist product expertise to meet the particular needs of each of our clients.

We are skilled and know-how in the area of industrial and commercial cleaning to meet each of our customers' special needs. We offer the widest range of products and the most reliable service in our industry from specialist and innovative cleaning equipmentto everyday hygiene consumables. We are one of the leading companies of the sector, with continuous investment for advanced technology by offering sustainable cleaning solutions that improve productivity and risk management through the commercial cleaning sector.

We deal with all kinds of cleaning equipment. Some of Our cleaning equipment’s are:

  • Airfreshener, Steel & Furniture Polish
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning Accessories
  • Cleaning Machinery & Accessories
  • Dispensers
  • Disposable & Food Packaging Products
  • Door, Floor & Kitchen Mats
  • Dust & Garbage Bags
  • Dust & Garbage Bins
  • First Aid Box & Content
  • Hotel Amenities
  • Laundry Items
  • Paper Products
  • Purell Products
  • Refreshment Products
  • Safety Products
  • Swimming Pools Chemicals & Accessories
  • Trolleys & Bucket

Our qualified and committed team will make sure that when you order, you receive the products and services which you want.

Hygiene Link's Cleaning Equipment has now become a brand in itself that almost all cleaning companies in the UAE prefer. We bring you more reasons to be with us such as, our budget friendly policy and best recommendations with over 15 years of experience.

Searching for a Cleaning Material Supplier in Muscat, Oman?

Our workplace and our home should always be germs and dust free. For this it is very important that you choose a good quality of cleaning materials. Hygiene link is here to deliver you a wide range of quality cleaning materials. We provide our services at a reasonable rates

We are also the best supplier for cleaning materials in Oman,to help you remove all dirt and germs safely. Our cleaning materials for your workplace or home is an easy remedy for many of your needs.

Hygiene Link provides a broad range of cleaning materials in Muscat, Oman, which are used by cleaning and catering companies extensively and commercially. Performance & Dedication is our slogan. In order to fulfill our valuable customers' needs, we are tied to renowned cleaning materials manufacturers from various countries including Saudi, United Arab Emirates, India, UK , Germany, Russia , Japan and others.

You only need the right cleaning materials, so we offer you the best quality products here. Our products not only clean the place, but also clean various surfaces such as floors, windows and walls.

It is important to choose the best and appropriate cleaning materials, so we give the following benefits:

Affordable Cleaning Materials

We are the best and genuine Cleaning Material Suppliers throughout Omanwho supply at an affordable price. Our products are budget friendly

Items of excellent quality

Our products are excellent and of the highest quality.

Speedy service

Our service is very quick to deliver. At any given moment, we deliver our high-quality products.

Offering discount

From time to time we also give a discount on our different items.

Professional and expert Team Members

Our expert and knowledgeable team member ensures the best cleaning material for you.

How do we Serve?


By delivering consistent quality products, efficient service and an effortless business transactions experience, we aim for operational excellence.


We understand and take great pride in providing our customers with easy customer experience today's evolving competitive Janitorial and Sanitation industry.

Number one Cleaning Equipment Supplier in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is a cleaning equipment supplier provides a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment and facilities designed to meet all of your floor cleaning applications throughout Oman. Our product portfolio spans almost every aspect of cleaning and we supply all of our equipment from high-quality manufacturers worldwide.

Our items range from a basic home cleaning kit for the home owner to a brand-new garage which is completely fitted for a professional contract cleaner with the latest cleaning equipment.

We have every item of cleaning equipment in our stock to supply a company. You just need to tell what your requirements are. You need not to worry about the price. We are budget-friendly. We really are a one stop shop for anyone that wants to clean.

We give a guarantee of consistency, efficiency and value so that you get the best service. We are always delighted to serve any organization and find its cleaning requirements affordable and practical.

With our independent and friendly guidance, we are always keen to recommend from our broad experience and knowledge the best cleaning equipment for your application.

Over the years, we have learned that using the right applications can have a tremendous impact on the quality and effectiveness of cleaning operations, which is why the cleaning product itself is not only provided by us. In order for our chemical purpose, we have numerous cleaning equipment, applications and supplementary goods for you.

What makes us different?

  • We sell and distribute across Oman
  • We provide innovative cleaning solutions.
  • There are no minimum order requirement
  • We will support each client to do what works best for you individually.
  • You're going to deal with REAL people in the hygiene world!