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A guide to industrial, commercial and residential cleaning products

A clean environment equals to a healthy environment.  Regular cleaning alone does not give a clean surrounding.  Using the appropriate product and tools for the right space and surface is vital for a spick and span place.  There are numerous tools and equipments available in the market for ensuring hygiene. Choosing the right one from the large list is important to ensure proper cleaning. Hygiene Links a leading cleaning products manufacturers and suppliers in UAE have wide range of cleaning products. All our products are authentic and of premium quality. This has made us one of the topmost cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, UAE.
Below given are some tools and products which are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential cleaning application.
Brooms - Brooms come in different sizes and varieties. They can easily remove the dust and other particles which are of light weight. 
Dustpans – They for used for collecting the dust and dirt after sweeping the space with the brooms.
Mops - Different types of mops are available in the market. They include flat mops, acrylic dust mops, cottons mops, mops with trolley, mops with buckets etc. As per requirement you can select the kind of mop you need. The parts of mop like mop head, mop clips, mop wringers etc can also be purchased separately.
Buckets - Buckets are very useful in cleaning since they can be utilized for carrying water and solutions while cleaning. 
Toilet brush – Toilet brushes keep toilet clean and hygiene. It is better to buy toilet brushes which are reusable since they are more cost effective and safe for the environment. 
Gloves – Wearing gloves is always advisable, when you are cleaning. Gloves protect your hand from both chemicals as well as from dirt. Gloves are available in different materials like cotton, rubber, leather etc. Cotton gloves can be used if you are dealing with slippery objects. Same way according to the surface you can utilize different gloves. 
Detergents and disinfectants - Detergents and disinfectants are available in different types. While some are used for cleaning rooms others are used for cleaning washroom. For removing distinct type of stains particular detergent solutions are used. If appropriate solutions are not used then it may cause damage to the materials and surfaces. Hygiene Links has its own brand of detergents known as HI- Care along with other brands of detergents and disinfectants.
Other products and tools which are used for cleaning and disinfecting are:
Cleaning towels
Spray bottle
Scrubbing pad
Floor and glass wipers
Get in touch with Hygiene Links, cleaning chemicals supplier in Dubai, UAE, for all your cleaning requirements.