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5 Best Mops for All Types of Floors

Cleaning floors is easy these days because there are so many different kinds of mops in the market. Cleaning with the right accessories can prolong the life of your floors, making it shiny, sparkly and hygienic. Regular cleaning with the right quality mop can prolong its life and prevent damage, even wear and tear.  When you partner with the best floor wipers supplier in Dubai, UAE you can buy the best floor mops, and have durable, reliable and flexible solutions for your home or office. There are so many options for you to choose from - like the double floor wiper, wiper with one-side sponge, stainless steel squeegee, glass applicator with sleeve, soft floor wiper. All of these are great products that can make your floor look spotless and beautiful.


There are dry floor wipers, floor wipers and glass wipers, each with its own particular features and characteristics. Research carefully when you buy because the right kind of wiper will definitely be an asset to your home.


Check out the five best mops you can buy from the best floor wipers supplier in Dubai, UAE.


Double floor wiper - The double floor wiper with sleek, modern design is just perfect for cleaning wet floors. The floor wiper cleans much faster than the single-sided wipers because they are more effective and efficient. With the double floor wiper, you can reduce the number of strokes required to clean a space, thereby enabling quicker cleaning. When one side becomes dirty, you can switch to the other side and continue cleaning, reducing the need to frequently replace the cleaning pads. You can use the double floor wiper on tile floors, laminated, vinyl and hardwood floors. 


Wiper with one-side sponge - The wiper with one-side sponge is another super product that will keep your wet floors clean. It has amazing absorbent capabilities making it just perfect for cleaning bathrooms. The easy manoeuverability and light-weight design makes it a useful one for homes.


Stainless steel squeegee- The stainless steel squeegee is a must-have product for homes because of its multiple usability and applications. The squeegee cleans impeccably well and the wipe itself is very easy to clean because it is non-porous and does not harbour any bacteria or pathogens. You can use this stainless steel squeegee to clean windows glass doors, tiled walls, mirrors, countertops, shower enclosures. The stainless steel squeegee can be used in commercial cleaning applications too.


Glass applicator with sleeve - The glass applicator with sleeve is the perfect accessory for cleaning windows. They are made of excellent quality, tough plastic and are lightweight, making it easier for the workers to clean the windows fast. They are durable and effective, leaving no unsightly streaks on the windows. You can enjoy controlled application through the glass applicator with sleeve, and it is also perfect for larger scale cleaning tasks.


Soft floor wiper- The advantage of using the soft floor wipers is that they are really soft on the floors and can be used on different kinds of floors, including hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and linoleum. They can be used for cleaning dry floors to remove the loose debris, and with their design, they can easily clean large areas.


These are five of the best mops you can buy from a reputed floor wipers supplier in Dubai, UAE. Having these would definitely keep the floors clean and hygienic.