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Floor & Glass Wiper

Floor Wipers Supplier In Dubai, UAE, Oman

As a floor wipers supplier in Dubai, UAE, we feel that high-quality products do not necessarily have to be costly. That is why we provide all of our cleaning products at prices that UAE customers can afford. We provide many different forms of janitorial tools, including glass floor wipers.


As a floor wipers supplier in Muscat, Oman, quality is our first priority. That is why we provide glass wipers that are robust and that comply with international standards. Composed of high-quality materials from the available options, including sponge, our wipers make for a great janitorial experience without damaging or leaving water marks on the glass material. A set of these products will make it easier for you to remove stagnant water, stains and so forth from smooth surfaces.


  • Floor Wiper (Double)

  • Wiper With One Side Sponge

  • Stainless Steel Squeegee

  • Glass Applicator With Sleeve

  • Floor wiper

  • Floor Wiper (Soft)

  • Window Cleaning Kit With Spray Bottle and Wiper