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Toilet Roll

Brand : Hi Care
Packing : 10x10 Rolls
Size  :

100's ,120's,150's,250's

300's,500's etc

    1 Ply&2 Ply



About Toilet Roll
The toilet paper has been around for more than a century now, and with innovation, and new techniques, they have become an indispensable part of our life. As toilet roll manufacturer & supplier in Muscat, Oman and UAE, it is our duty to bring the highest quality toilet paper to our customers. 
As a responsible toilet roll manufacturer & supplier, we take great care to manufacture with a minimum amount of chemicals. We know that people mostly use the toilet roll for cleaning purposes after using the toilets, so it must be made with only friendly materials, as they get very close to the skin and sensitive areas during cleaning. 
How to get high quality toilet roll
The quality of your toilet paper is of paramount importance. We are very particular about the quality of products sold. You might think that it is just used for wiping/cleaning and then, throwing away, so what’s the big deal about quality. The chemicals used, the fragrances applied can all affect the skin and cause rashes, allergies, etc making lives miserable. 
It is important that you get your tissues from a trusted company like Us. We take particular care to make it technically perfect like regarding its softness, the chemical residues, size, weight, finger-breakthrough resistance, water absorbance etc. The rolls can easily decompose because they have shorter fibres when compared to facial tissue or writing paper. 
Benefits of getting toilet roll directly from manufacturers 
The biggest benefit of getting from a toilet roll manufacturer & supplier, is that you get the highest quality toilet roll. When you buy from the manufacturer, you can directly get the advice and recommendations on how to choose the best toilet paper for your home or institution needs. We are also available to answer any questions customers have regarding the absorbency, roll length, strength, texture, thickness, sheet ply, sheet size, etc.