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Washroom Products

  • Toilet Deodorant Blocks

  • Hand soap (Super Care)

  • Hand Soap - 500 ml

  • Hand sanitizer gel

  • Hand Soap (Hi Care)

Discover Omani Hand Wash Suppliers and Manufacturers


Hand hygiene is an integral part of everyday life, and buying the right hand wash or soap would keep your hands properly clean, healthy and hygienic. It is very important to be cautious about the quality of the hygiene/cleansing products. Hygiene Links showcases the best handwashes and soaps from Omani hand wash suppliers and manufacturers, for all your residential and commercial needs. The ingredients of the products are all of the highest quality, with no harsh chemicals or solvents. You can use them safely!


Shop the Best Hand Soap Products in Oman


Over the years, with proper research and development, we have evolved to be the premier hand wash soap manufacturer, supplier and distributor. If you are looking to purchase the finest hand soap products in Muscat and across Oman, you can rely on Hygiene Links because we have earned recognition as the top hand soap manufacturer in Muscat, Oman.


Quality Guaranteed: Why Hygiene Links is the Trusted Hand Soap Supplier in Oman 


Since quality is of paramount importance, Hygiene Links, the top suppliers of liquid hand wash in Oman has been very careful in selecting and displaying the products in the catalogue. You can browse through the different types of hand soap products at our website and find the perfect one that fits your needs.  


Bulk Purchase Discounts: Save More on Wholesale Hand Soap Orders


We also offer bulk purchase special discounts for hand soaps. When you order great quantities for stocking up in businesses and institutions, you will not only have a huge supply of the best quality handwash, you can also save a lot of money in the long run.               

We can ship the hand soap products through our reliable, partner delivery services and send them to your destination safely and on time. We take special care to pack the products so they don't break open or leak.


We can guide you through the different handwash and soap variants on our website so you will have the right product and fragrance because customer satisfaction is our motto and we focus on giving you the best.


What makes Hygiene Links the trusted Hand soap Manufacturer in Muscat, Oman?


It is the quality of ingredients that defines our products. We test the physical and chemical properties of the ingredients in the products and ensure they are thoroughly examined and declared safe. We are very strict about these physicochemical parameters and hence, our soaps are good for sensitive skin too.


We analyse the cleansing, hardness, fragrance, lather and conditioning capabilities of the products before placing them for sale. You can safely use our products and be assured of their quality.  Our handwash and soap are excellent choices for people with different levels of skin sensitivity.


Buy Hand Soap in Oman - How It Works: Simple Steps to Order Your Products


The process of ordering handwash and soap from Hygiene Links is very simple. Just browse through the products on our website; they are listed by brand, fragrance type and quantity. You can click on the ‘View Details’ button to read more about each product.


Choose the products that you prefer, specify the number and just drop them in the cart. Proceed to click on other products from our website and then when you are done, you can make the payment online and the process of purchase will be complete. You can expect the delivery of the products on the specified date. We will ship the products safely so their quality remains intact. Buy hand soap products as your needs from the trusted Hand soap Manufacturer in Muscat, Oman.