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Tissue Products

Hygiene Links is a reliable tissue manufacturer in UAE backed with huge client base. We offer a full range of hygiene paper products including toilet papers, maxi rolls, napkins, facial tissues and interfold tissues which are strong, lint-free and highly water absorbent to keep you dry and sanitized. Our range of tissue papers comprises of products of various packaging, sizes, decorations, embossing and number of sheets. They are designed to augment the cleanliness and comfort of every household as well as office surroundings. Our tissue papers are made up of high quality virgin fibers and are well appreciated by our consumers for their affordable price and touch of luxury.

Apart from our standard product range, we are also involved in customized tissue paper manufacturing. All products are manufactured in an environmentally sound way emphasizing on quality and reliability. They are best suited for consumers who want to follow the latest trends in personal hygiene in a cost-effective way.

Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Muscat, Oman

We are Oman's number one manufacturer of tissue paper at the present time. We can supply any finished tissue product with tissue jumbo rolls. As a leading manufacturer of tissue paper, we have a complete and experienced unit with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Oman.

The journey of Hygiene Link started fifteen years ago and became able to establish the highest position in the manufacturing of quality tissue papers in Oman. We deliver tissue paper that is crafted in compliance with the highest quality standards and the freedom to meet our respected customers' diversified needs, big or small.

As an organization, we strive to manufacture a range of products that meet the internationally recognized Benchmark in the field of sustainable development.

Hygiene Link is a team of experienced, dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs, a mix of creativity, guiding principles behind tremendous growth, to achieve a position where growth is not a constraint.

Hygiene Link's full dedication to quality and customer loyalty is not the only thing that has been undermined over its long working time for market dominance. The products are developed according to Oman and international standards using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that are imported from different countries. The collection of products from the local market and from other parts of the world ensures quality.

Both the products and the factories are periodically inspected by the municipality authorities, the Department of Specification and Measurements at the Department of Commerce and Industry, the Health Ministry, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Jobs, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and the Environment and the Civil Defense Department, and by the Royal Oman Police.

As one of the leading manufacturers of tissue paper, we are associated with the world leaders in the credit insurance industry with our headquarters in Oman. We collaborate closely with these organizations to ensure flexibility and tranquility in establishing a hassle-free payment mechanism for all transactions.

Facial Tissue Manufacturer & supplier in Muscat, Oman

Worldwide health experts believe that the number 1 health factor in the world is hygiene. Without hygiene, you have no health and without health soon you have no life.

In this century tissue papers have become an essential part to keep yourself hygienic. There are different types of tissue papers such as paper towels, toilet towels, and facial towels.

Each time it is not easy to wash your face with a face wash/gel. Often you can't wash your face with water, so facial tissues are used widely. But it is very important that our facial tissue should be sterilized.

With increasing the demand for facial tissue paper in the market, Hygiene Link started to manufacture it in its own industry in Oman. And now by providing the quality product it has become a leading manufacturer of facial tissue paper in Oman.

We aim to make available high-quality Facial Tissue Paper at competitively low prices with our years of experience and expertise. We have invested a great deal in the creation of a stock unit which helps us to maintain large stocks in order to meet the customers' urgent and huge needs.

We follow all the guidelines of the Health Ministry of Oman while manufacturing facial tissue papers. At the time of manufacturing facial tissue paper, they are coated with multiple layers of anti-bacterial lotion. Due to the multiple layers of lotion, it remains wet & moist.

We use chlorine-free imported pulp during processing to give our facial tissues a soft feeling, high absorption, and good strength.

The high quality of our facial tissue paper has made us the classic and leading manufacturer in Oman.

Our goal is the commitment with our clients, we believe in strong and lasting relationships with them by providing them the comparatively low price from the market with a higher quality of the product.

Thanks to our extensive distribution networks, our access is very simple throughout the world. Furthermore, our modern shipping facilities allow for fast and secure product delivery.

Toilet Roll Manufacturer & supplier in Muscat, Oman

We are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of tissue paper products in Oman. By manufacturing toilet rollsfor our clients, we have achieved great recognition in the market of Oman. Our company is headquartered in Oman.The consistency of its water absorption, smooth texture and flawless finishing are valued by our clients. We use the finest materials and state-of-the-art techniques. It is in essence eco friendly. Our services meet the different requirements of the customers in different specifications.

Our top-rate toilet rolls are water soluble, which makes them easy to dispose of and create no more obstructions.

In times of innovation and technology, we have grown to produce our products using recycled paper and/or virgin paper from responsible plantations where plantations are harvested and replanted at any interval.

In fabric paper and rolling paper production with gentle fabrics and antibacterial products , the company is superior to providing a hygienic, gentle and gentle feeling when drying the hands.

We work with a group of experts who concentrate on product packaging to make sure that the raw product is only collected from reputable sources. Our company is very interested to provide the clients with excellent high quality products and therefore to track them in every process.

Our Toilet Rolls are fully defined as smooth, durable and extra long. We are an excellent manufacturer and supplier of an impressive collection of Toilet Rolls in Oman.

Our mission is to commit to our clients, we believe in good and enduring relationships with them by providing them with the higher quality of product at the comparatively low price from the market.

Our connectivity is very easy across the world , thanks to our comprehensive delivery networks. In addition, our modern shipping facilities enable product delivery to be quick and safe.

Maxi roll Manufacturer & supplier in Muscat, Oman

We would like to introduce ourselves as the Approved Manufacturer and Supplier of Maxi Rolls in Muscat, Oman. Hygiene Link is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Maxi Rolls for industry and trade.

We concentrate on the manufacturing and supply of all paper products from Oman to the world. Our range of items consists of Tissue Paper products such as Tissue Napkins, Bathroom Rolls, Small Toilet Rolls for Hotels, JRT Rolls, HRT Rolls, Kitchen Towel Rolls, Bulk Pack 6x1 and 10x1 of Toilet Rolls, Printed Tissue Napkins, C Fold, M Fold, Tissue Box, Maxi Rolls, etc.

We are an Oman-based manufacturer and supplier of handmade paper rolls. Our paper rolls are made with the utmost care. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the paper rolls are of the highest quality. Our paper rolls (Maxi Rolls) come in different thicknesses that are ideal for different industrial or commercial applications.

For total safety, Maxi rolls are wrapped on a product. It is highly tear-resistant and also highly flexible. These documents are water-resistant and water-resistant.

As they have a strong absorbing characteristic, they can perfectly replace your kitchen towels. These maxi rolls have been processed so that germs and bacteria are completely eliminated from your hands and faces to protect your protection and health. These liquid tissue absorbent maxi rolls are processed and packaged hand-free and can be used at amazing prices in various packages and sizes to suit your daily hygiene requirements. Our Maxi Rolls for their incomprehensive excellence and ecological ease are highly popular with customers. It is undoubtedly a compliment to your kitchen and bathroom since it can withstand wet and dry conditions and keep your home clean and hygienic.

We make these rolls available in bulk or retail at a price that is economical and fair. We supply these rolls of paper to different industries around the world. So, please place your order with us and get the rolls delivered to your place in a great time.

Hygiene Link intends to use the gained experience and to collaborate with the latest technologies to build and expand our customer base consistently. In keeping with the stringent requirements for sanitation, comprehensiveness of rules, accountability, and uncompromising ethics, we uphold and believe in total corporate openness with our employees and stakeholders.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer & Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Many of us have to bear dirt and pollution when we head out to work every day and we can't take soaps anywhere to keep our hands smooth. A sanitizer will now be the best product to maintain our personal hygiene for all of us. The sanitizer also played a great role during the Covid 19 to keep us safe from the pandemic. Sanitisers are effective at extracting dirt and grimacing quickly from the hands without water , leaving the hands refreshing. In a small, easy to carry box comes a sanitizer. Sanitizer can also be used anywhere, anytime: during the workplace, cars, picnics, gatherings, sports , education, etc.

Hygiene Link is the best place for you if you want to place an order for the purchase of Sanitizer in bulk. We are a prominent name on the market and specialize in making a qualitative selection of sanitizers available to satisfy the buyers' varied demands. The organization is a renowned Dubai manufacturer and supplier of sanitizersand is dedicated to catering to consumers around the UAE and overseas nations.

 In Dubai, we are a licensed manufacturer and wholesale supplierof sanitizers and we ensure that the product is prepared using high quality materials. We have a very well-equipped manufacturing unit consisting of a well-designed hygienic factory, advanced and productive facilities, and an eco sustainable working environment with all the required equipment, engineers and expertise needed to manufacture and achieve internationally appropriate standards for quality and packaging. It also includes all kinds of factory facilities, including R&D set-up, laboratory research, computerized administrative offices with latest communication equipment and transport. Our manufacturing team includes highly skilled staff such as technical staff, pharmacists, apprentices, trained and experienced staff.

Hygiene Link Hand Sanitizer features:

  • Washes germs and debris free.
  • Prepared with Ethanol based on 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • It keeps the skin looking soft, smooth and stable.
  • It leaves the skin fresh and fragrant.
  • Refreshing Gel kill germs on their hands
  • Great for daily use.
  • Tricolsan, parabens, phthalates, preservatives and harsh additives are free of mild composition, so it does not dry out or irritate the skin.
  • Hands, even after many uses, sound gentle.

We follow all the guidelines of the Health Ministry of UAE while manufacturing sanitizer. Both the product and the factories are periodically inspected by the municipality authorities, the Department of Specification and Measurements at the Department of Commerce and Industry, the Health Ministry, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Jobs, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and the Environment and the Civil Defense Department, and by the UAE Police.

We can guarantee a pleasant experience with us in terms of price, quality and services with our current base from highly experienced, quality-conscious and happy customers. We have a client base in different countries worldwide. We have a number of experienced and quality-conscious vendors and suppliers which allow us to deliver high-quality products at the lowest price possible.

Hygiene Link and its dedicated manufacturer and supplier of hand sanitizerteam represent a wide variety of respectable customers in different industrial segments and is a trusted and reliable brand in supplying the product with the right and cost-effective solutions in all over Dubai, UAE.

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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer & Supplier in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliersof hygiene items for the commercial market, such as hand sanitizers. Our company is based on an uncompromising commitment to delivering the highest quality products to distributors. Our emphasis on producing advanced quality and cheaper hand sanitizing products has led the business to flourish from its inception.

Hygiene Link exists today to be a trustedmanufacturer and supplier of high performance hand cleaning and sanitation products forMuscat, Oman and global dealers. This includes hand cleaner, hand cleaning, pen sanitizer, dealer, chemical specialties etc. Our manufacturer plant is Govt. approved

We provide instant Hand Sanitizer is just an efficient collection of cleanliness products, including high quality. In addition, our certified quality controllers checked the supplied hand sanitizer on various quality criteria before the final dispatch in order to ensure their high purity. If it is used according to instructions, it kills 99.9 percent germs instantly.

A mild 70% ethanol and glycerin composition is supported for instant hand disinfection and skincare which makes it regularly suitable for sterilization of palms. In the absence of soap and water , a hand sanitisers is the perfect partner  

to protect someone from the coronavirus outbreak.

Advantages of herbal hand sanitizers:

  • The risk of illness is minimized.
  • It takes less time to clean hands than to wash hands.
  • It also destroys in our hands all the sterile bacteria and microbes.
  • It allows us not to fully occur some kind of infection.

As a manufacturing sanitizer, we follow all the guidelines of the Health Ministry of Oman. Municipal authorities, the Department of Specification and Measurement of the Department of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Health , the Ministry of Social Affairs and Jobs, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment and the Department of Civil Defense, and the Oman Police regularly inspect both the products and the factories.

Advantages of Hygiene Link Hand sanitizer manufacturers:

  • Company of certified manufacturing.
  • Offers the manufacture of herbal contracts.
  • Hygienic and healthy packaging.
  • Completion of on-time order.
  • Policies for free sampling.
  • Machinery and the new hi-tech appliances.
  • Client Service 24/7
  • All UAE Delivery Facility

With our current base of highly experienced, quality-conscious and satisfied clients, we can guarantee a good experience with us in terms of price, quality and services. In numerous countries worldwide, we have a consumer base. We have a range of experienced and quality-conscious suppliers and suppliers that allow us to deliver goods of high quality at the lowest possible price.

We are trying to speed up progress in manufacturing and increase production efficiency. Our logistics and distribution also encouraged the company to position orders promptly and to supply packaging material easily.

Our mission is to commit to our clients, we believe in good and enduring relationships with them by providing them with the higher quality of product at the comparatively low price from the market.

Hygiene Link and its solely devoted manufacturer and supplierof hand sanitizer team serve a wide range of respected customers in various industrial segments and is a trusted and reliable brand in all of Muscat, Oman,providing the product with the right and cost-effective solutions.