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Mops and Clips UAE

Cleaning products manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE

A clean workplace or home is much hygienic than a dirty workplace. Regular mopping helps to maintain our environment free of dirt and germs. Here are the reasons why the cleaning routine should still involve mopping.

1. Mopping Sanitizes the floor

germs accumulate and grow rapidly, especially in hot weather and flu. Therefore, daily mopping is important in maintaining a sanitary location.

2. Mopping Eliminates Allergy

One can avoid certain allergens from building up regularly and keep them out of the home by regular mopping.

3. Mopping Helps Avoid Scratches on the Floor-

Keeping the floors clean by regular mopping would reduce the risk of these scratches accumulating.

Therefore, Hygiene Link brings here good quality cleaning cotton mops. We are one of the best Cleaning Cotton Mops Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We have built a good reputation for excellence in the Janitorial and Sanitation industry for more than 15 years.

The Cleaning Cotton Mops that we supply to our customers in Dubai, UAE have the guaranteed weight, absorbency and cotton quality. This guarantee provides the consumer with confirmation of a reliable and quality product so that they can be confident that exactly what they are paying for is obtained.

We have a wide range of Cleaning Cotton Mops-

  • Kentucky Mop Head (Colour)
  • High Quality Bleached White Mop
  • Kentucky Mop Head(White)
  • Vita Mop
  • Dust Control Mop/Airport Mop
  • Kentucky Mop Head(Bleached White)
  • Mop Clips
  • Microfiber Kentucky Mop

Each mop package comes with, a mop handle, a mop holder and a mop head (sleeve). Since mops are used for wet cleaning, the use of aluminum and stainless steel handles for wet floor cleaning is also recommended. The handles and holders differ as the mops vary.

Cleaning Brooms & mops importer and suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Hygiene Link is a leading cleaning equipment importer and supplier with international brands throughout the UAE. We are specialized in the supply of all kinds of cleaning products in which brooms and mops are one of the best products. By providing high quality products and best services, Hygiene Link has become the well known company in Dubai, UAE.

Hygiene Link supplies good quality brooms and mops at a reasonable price in Dubai, UAE.The yarn and plastic for making mops and brushes is of the highest quality and not destroyed for a long time even after everyday use. Without exerting much effort, they are effective in cleaning almost all surfaces. They can be picked in different colours and thickness.

The categories of our brooms and mops are:

  • Soft Brooms
  • Hard Brooms
  • Hand Brush
  • Mops And Clips
  • Feather Duster
  • Toilet Brush
  • Wire Brush

Our range of products is shown and explained in depth, but do not hesitate to call us for more information or to ask one of our dedicated and experienced representatives for contact.

Our Values are:


Offers innovative quality products and services with technical support that meet or exceed international requirements.


To build customer loyalty through the best solutions & support to customers with the best value-added in everything we do.


A code of conduct with high standards of completeness, ethics and respect for providers, consumers and our employees.


We collaborate and share our experience and expertise and ensure that our colleagues do the best they can for our customers and our workers.


Ongoing development, training and treatment of our employees to ensure consistency in everything we do.

The aim of Hygiene Link is to continue being a leading importer and supplier of quality and durable cleaning and janitorial equipment and accessories with focus on customer service.

Our excellent service is willing to deliver a big smile on your face by clearing up your questions and inquiries and having the best quote.

Cleaning Products Manufacturers in UAE

Hygiene Link is one of the leading cleaning products manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE. The principle of the company is the production and distribution of high-quality reliable cleaning products. Hygiene Link has secured the approval of its products both on the local market and in the neighboring nation of the Middle East through strict observance of quality standards. 

We manufactures the various cleaning products:

Car Care Products, Bleaches, Disinfectants, Washroom Products, Carpet and Floor Care Products, Cleaning Chemicals, Multi-purpose Detergents, Dish wash, Detergent Powders and Branded Cleaning Chemicals

Hygiene Link manufactures cleaning chemicals for almost every application with a decade of expertise in chemical formulating, packaging, and private chemical branding. Broad line of high-performance cleaning products ranges from cleaning to heavy-duty industrial machinery and parts washing for health and safety programs. Our products are designed and manufactured to stringent requirements of manufacturing and accuracy, ensuring the finest quality products for both you and your clients.

We conduct our business in a manner that recognizes its effect on the environment and human health through our safe formulations, environmentally preferred packaging and best business practices. We have a profound dedication to environmental sustainability. Our actions reflect our commitment to protecting our customers, our workers, the communities we do business in, and our world. We have won credibility as part of our corporate image during our time in business.

From the first shipment to the last, every product is produced and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality and consistency. This is the promise of the Hygiene Link team.

Our clients are our partners. Our loyalty to all our distributors is to support their company prosper.

Floor Wipers Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Hygiene Link, founded 15 years ago, is one of the well-known organizations with incredible subject matter expertise in supplying a wide range of quality Mops & Wipers. Our wipers are manufactured by using raw material of superior quality that is obtained from a reputable industry. These products have well recognized models that ensure the smooth operation of our products. We are the supplier of all kinds of wipers such as, Floor Wiper, Wiper With One Side Sponge, Stainless Steel Squeegee, Glass Applicator With Sleeve, Window Cleaning Kit With Spray Bottle And Wiper Kit in all overDubai, UAE.

These products guarantee longer working life and hassle-free cleaning operations with efficiency checked on multiple factors. These offered floor wipers are highly effective in cleaning, widely praised for their international quality standards. These wipers are commonly used in the commercial and residential sectors, and are simple to use and lightweight. Our products offered are commonly requested on the market, accompanied by their reliability, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness and other eye-catching characteristics.

Following are some of key features of our wipers.

  • Built to give high efficiency for water wiping
  • With a long handle, it enables you to access high windows comfortably with a strong grip.
  • The high-quality blade makes complete drying of any flat floor keeping you hassle free.
  • Crafted to quickly extract water, dirt and can also be used as a window squeegee. 
  • High-quality foam construction enables long-lasting use.
  • Enables a cleaning cloth to be quickly attached for quicker and more reliable cleaning results.
  • Perfect for effective use on all flooring forms.
  • The handle's non-slip nature guarantees a secured grip.

We have achieved a noted reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of Floor Wiper in Dubai, UAE due to our deep experience. In addition, we guarantee that these items are supplied in personalized packaging to avoid any form of harm during distribution.