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Mops and Clips OMAN

For our good health, clean floors are of great importance. Therefore, with the cleaning products used to clean our floors, we should never compromise. Everyone should always buy mops and brooms of good quality to clean the houses and offices. So, Hygiene Link brings you the finest cotton mops here. Hygiene Link, inMuscat, Oman,is a reliable and recognized supplier of cotton mops. Choosing the right cleaning tool makes it simple and easy to mop, clean the floors and dry them faster.

We are the supplier of all types of cotton mops in Muscat, Oman.

Following are some of the main features of our cotton mops.

  • The aim of looped ends is to minimize linting and fraying.
  • Made of the finest standard.
  • Accessible in various colours. Various colours help to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination between areas of work.
  • Has resistant yarns with cut ends.
  • Improved corner usability.
  • Ideal for large surfaces, hardwood and laminate floor cleaning.
  • For maximum dirt absorption, with looped fibers and soft microfiber for thorough cleaning.
  • To prevent bacteria from spreading, it is made of antibacterial yarn.

Our mission is to supply good quality cotton mops to ourcustomers throughout Muscat, Omanwith their high-quality cotton mop requirements. And also to make them conscious in our business of implementing healthy and environmentally sustainable work practices. Our # 1 goal is your happiness. To find the best solution, we will do what we need.

We're not just selling things. With practical advice and knowledge aimed at improving labour efficiency and growing your overall cost base, we support every sale. We collaborate with you to create ideas for you and your customers. We deliver leading services by defining strategies and implementing ground-breaking innovations with our customers. Our team will assist the team in the promotion of innovative technologies and provide information on these products.

Cleaning Brooms & mops importer and suppliers in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is a pioneering importer of foreign brands and supplier of cleaning equipment in Oman. We are experienced in supplying cleaning items in all sorts, including brooms and mops. Hygiene Link has developed into a well-known business in Muscat, Oman, with its high quality products and best services.

Established in the market for over 15 years, we have been the trusted and preferred supplier in the Janitorial and Sanitation industry.

We are experts in supporting a number of commercial and industrial cleaning firms throughout Muscat, Oman,blending preference with consistency in order to supply the ultimate brooms and mops selection.

The categories of our brooms and mops are:

  • Soft Brooms
  • Hard Brooms
  • Hand Brush
  • Mops And Clips
  • Feather Duster
  • Toilet Brush
  • Wire Brush

The yarn and plastic for mop making are of the highest quality and not destroyed for a long time, even after regular use. Hygiene Link supplies good quality brooms and mops at a fair rate in Muscat, Oman.They are useful in cleaning nearly all surfaces without much effort. You can choose in multiple shades and thicknesses.

We are the reason for your choice because :

Extensive Product Range

A broad product portfolio strengthens us as a specific cleaning and hygienic solutions supplier. We concentrate on enhancing our product offering by introducing new innovative products into the market in order to meet dynamic needs of our customers.

Affordable Prices

Through our close relationships with our reputed clients, we can provide you the highest quality cleaning items at a very affordable price. You need not to be worried about the quality of the products because Hygiene Link never compromises with it.

Excellent Customer Service

We are committed to providing a first-class service experience for our clients. Hygiene Link will easily produce quotes and provide immediate information about the stock availability and delivery status, assisted by a professional sales team and a cutting-edge inventory management scheme.

Cleaning Products Manufacturers in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link offers an extensive portfolio of cleaning products that demonstrate reliability and market quality as one of the most comprehensive independent suppliers and manufacturers of cleaning products in Muscat, Oman.

With high quality products at affordable prices and high service level and assistance, we have met the needs of different groups of customers. Our product portfolio covers the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as specialized sectors which contribute to environmental and sanitary standards. Hygiene Link's products have evolved to become the most extensive range in the industry with a limited range of cleaning products sold in Muscat, Oman in the early years.

The range of high-performance cleaning products manufactured by our team are:

Car Care Products, Bleaches, Disinfectants, Washroom Products, Carpet and Floor Care Products, Cleaning Chemicals, Multi-purpose Detergents, Dish wash, Detergent Powders and Branded Cleaning Chemicals

Hygiene Link is manufacturing cleaning products in Muscat, Oman with 15 years of experience in the formulation of chemicals, packaging and private chemical branding for almost any use. Our products are conceived and crafted to meet strict manufacturing specifications and precision, guaranteeing you and your customers the highest possible quality product.

You will be able to offer your consumers products that are not only user-friendly but are guaranteed to be effective in helping them solve their cleaning problems.

We deliver high quality products at value-for-money rates that allow us to remain competitive because we manufacture and supply in major countries across Asia.

The organization is firmly committed to cultivating a customer-centric approach to business as we continue to evolve our products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

We will be happy to receive any queries about our cleaning products. Our professional staff will assist you by instructing you about our products.

Floor Wipers Supplier in in Muscat, Oman

Established 15 years ago, Hygiene Link is one of the well-known organizations with exceptional experience in supplying a wide variety of excellent quality Mops & Wipers. Our wipers are manufactured using superior quality raw material that is sourced from a reputable industry. These products have well recognized designs that ensure that our products work smoothly.

We are the supplier of all kinds of wipers such as, Floor Wiper, Wiper With One Side Sponge, Stainless Steel Squeegee, Glass Applicator With Sleeve, Window Cleaning Kit With Spray Bottle And Wiper Kit in all overMuscat, Oman.

Our Floor Wiper is made of outstanding quality plastic and is fitted to the easiest cleaning with PVC and aluminum handles. These wipers are widely used in an easy and efficient way in different places for cleaning floors. Our Floor wipers are available in various colours and sizes with fine finish, light in weight and non-slippery grip. Besides this, to ensure its reliability, our supplied Floor Wiper is checked on different quality parameters.

Below are some of our wipers' main characteristics:

  • Crafted to provide high water wiping performance.
  • With a long handle, it helps you to easily access high windows with a firm grip.
  • The high-quality blade helps every flat floor to dry completely, keeping you free of trouble.
  • Crafted to remove water, dirt quickly and can also be used as a window squeegee.
  • High-quality manufacturing of foam makes long-lasting use.
  • Enables a cleaning cloth to be quickly attached for quicker and more reliable cleaning results.
  • Perfect in all flooring types for successful use.
  • The non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip.

We work honestly and have maintained a wide range of wipers that have been very favorable to our clients even in terms of money.

We monitor all consumer queries before and after sales promptly and appropriately.