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Mop Buckets & Trolley

Hygiene Links is a prominent Mop bucket with wringer trolley supplier in UAE. We stock and deliver a comprehensive collection of mop buckets and mop wringers to offer our customers a touch of lavish comfort in floor cleaning. They are available in different styles ranging from single and dual compartment buckets to multifunctional janitorial cart. They are very useful in both household as well as industrial interiors as they reduce the floor cleaning workload.

Our mop buckets and wringers are made of premium quality materials that they can withstand a broad range of chemicals and won’t lose their fresh look even after continuous use. Their superior quality wheels enhance their mobility and reduces splashing and spilling, allowing for safer, more efficient mopping. The bucket part comes with a handle that helps in easy, convenient drying and disposing of contaminated liquid. Grab them to augment your floor cleaning routine in style.

Mop Bucket Supplier in Dubai, UAE

We're a reliable supplier of quality mop buckets at very low cost in Dubai, UAE.

A mop bucket is a wheelbase which enables the user without dirtying his hands to wring a wet mop. Two buckets with the top one cut on the ground are usually in the cart. The top screen is used to hold the wet mop and press the handle to clear it.

We have strong relations with many famous and reliable manufacturers who don't compromise on quality. Our clients are offered the best quality mop buckets. Various kinds of mop buckets are available in our warehouse, from plastic to steel.

We have trained quality inspectors who are committed to ensuring the international quality requirements of our products. In order to minimize chances of poor quality, we do not only check quality at sourcing, but also monitor every item at packaging and dispatch.

After working hard in the cleaning industry for almost 15 years, we earn good reputations from our super service and efficiency, we know how important it is to be a trustworthy supplier in business.

As the best supplier of quality mop buckets throughout Dubai, UAE, you can find the name of Hygiene Link at the top, thanks to its good service system.  It is also our powerful and cheap cost structure that ensures that the top cleaning industry is our brand.

Growing up with clients is the best way to become stronger and healthier.

Cheap and effective products help to win the market. We hope to work with you on a promising future with the continuous supply of advanced quality and designed mop buckets.

Our deep expertise in the field of cleaning materials has made us on the market a reputable brand. We have a UAE presence and have a huge customer base across the region, focusing on a customer-centered approach.

Looking for a Mop Bucket Supplier in Muscat, Oman?

Hygiene Link is one of the leading Mop bucket suppliers in Muscat, Oman. Our specialization is in providing all manner of cleaning products such as kitchen care, washroom care chemicals and laundry. We have expertise with all facets of the method of private labeling. Our products can be packaged and labelled according to customer requirements. Our products are completely biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

We are renowned and trustworthy Mop Buckets suppliers in Muscat, Oman, at reasonable prices. For 15 years we have delivered these products continuously. We are the suppliers that only handle quality products after 100% credibility and quality control. We import high quality mop buckets and supply in the whole ofMuscat, Oman, from different countries around the world. Our delivery time of standard and durable mops buckets are quicker than the other suppliers.

A Mop Bucket is a bucket with a wheelbase, allowing the user not to touch and contaminate his hands with a wet mop. The bucket usually consists of two boxes that are cut from the top one on the bottom. The top screen is used to hold the wet mop and press the button to clear it.

We confidently supply our Mop buckets having competitively low prices for our clients.

Our goal is to continue being a leading supplier of quality and durable cleaning and janitorial equipment such as mop buckets with a focus on customer service throughout Muscat, Oman.

With authenticity, strength and consistency, we are always recognized in the industry. From every part of the nation we genuinely welcome friends to visit, counsel and negotiate with us.

Tell us your requirements and our company experts will help you receive commercial orders for your products in the shorter time period.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for any queries. Our experts are looking forward to supporting you 24 hours a day.