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Hand Soap

Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself and your family safe. The most successful way to remove germs and dangerous bacteria from our hands is to wash them properly. This keeps your environment healthy, safe, and clean while also preventing the spread of diseases.


Our product growth has centered on making beautiful souvenirs from Oman as the leading Super Care hand soap supplier in Muscat, Oman. Our hand soap is inspired by Arabia's rich heritage, including its alluring aromas, exotic flavors, and mysterious ingredients. Our vertical integration and soap process allow us to formulate exclusive formulations, allowing us to tailor our products to each brand and consumer. We can detect and forecast patterns in real time thanks to our vast consumer base and comprehensive market research. We put this experience to work innovating and delivering on-brand and on-trend products and formulations.


Our soaps are made from essential fragrance oils rather than synthetic oils.  The soaps not only smell good but also moisturize the skin easily.


Hygiene Links, a leadingHi care hand soap supplier in Muscat, Oman, is able to design products to suit your specific requirements, whether you're looking for innovative ingredients, cutting-edge technology, or the latest market trends. Always aware of our natural, custom made and environmentally sound origins, we stay consistent to our heritage and continue quality and hygienic products to guarantee that skin- and environmentally friendly products are supplied by us. Our commitment is reflected in our environmentally friendly packaging, sustainable raw material procurement and water and energy management as well as our focus on waste reduction.