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Glass Clothes

Glass Cleaning Cloth

  • Clean glass cloth 30 cm (pack of 5 pieces)

Glass Cleaning Cloth 


Hygiene Links - Your Trusted Glass Cleaning Cloth Supplier 


Hygiene Link’s glass cleaning cloth is a highly efficient solution for achieving spotless and streak-free mirrors and windows. With the main goal of leaving glass surfaces sparkling, this window cloth ensures a streak-free shine, making your cleaning experience a breeze. They come with a special smooth knit making them perfect for removing fingerprints, grease marks and dust, with no threat of residue or scratch marks.


Buy Glass Cleaning Towels


The glass cleaning cloth sold on our website has been tested for quality and is noted for its versatility. They are much better than regular cleaning cloths because they are softer and dry faster, with no loose thread.


Our cloth is made of the highest quality microfibre and hence they last longer than ordinary cloth. They make the glass look crystal clear and squeaky clean with no wipe marks.


We offer the best prices for glass cleaning towels, check them out at our website. Buy glass cleaning cloth online now on Hygiene Links and make your windows, mirrors, drinking glasses and automobiles look and feel really clean.


Features of a Quality Glass Cleaning Cloth 


At Hygiene Links, you get the best quality glass cleaning cloth. They are made of soft and non-abrasive material to prevent scratches on the glass surface. They absorb water easily, and dries quickly so the surface will remain clean with no water marks or streaks on it. Our cloths are durable, versatile and very effective for long-lasting performance.


Highlights of Window Cloth/Glass Cleaning Cloth 


  • Buy perfect window or glasses cleaning cloth in bulk
  • Lint-free cleaning cloths for glasses, lenses, windows, mirrors, phones, stainless steel, and more.
  • Safe and scratch-free - tightly woven to ensure lint-free cleaning.
  • No liquid chemicals needed, works great with plain tap water.
  • Machine washable and extremely durable.
  • Remove streaks, smudges, and fingerprints from your surfaces


Types of Glass Cleaning Cloths 


There are different types of glass cloth, like microfibre cloths, terry cloths and paper towels, but the most efficient ones are of course, microfibre cloths because they are quick to clean, and they are quick to be kept clean as well.


Applications of Glass Cleaning Cloths


Glass cleaning towels have a wide variety of applications because they can be used to clean all kinds of glass-based surfaces, including sensitive ones like the screen of your smartphone. They are used widely for cleaning all household glass surfaces like windows, mirrors, glass tabletops and glass furniture. The cloth can also be used to clean automobile mirrors and windows since they clean streak-free.


The microfibre glass cloths can be used for cleaning the windows and mirrors in homes and offices, and for multiple cleaning purposes in office buildings, retail stores, hotels, cafes and restaurants. Professional cleaners use these glass cloths because they are economical and efficient, with zero streaks.


You can also use the cloth for cleaning the glass screens of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, and it leaves no residue or scratch.


Cleaning Cloths For Glasses, Lenses, Windows, & Mirrors


The versatile and flexible Window Cloth utilizes our signature cleaning technology to deliver glistening windows, shining glass surfaces, and mirrors without streaks. Cleaning and wiping become quicker and more efficient. With the option to rinse the cloth by hand or in the washing machine, it's easy to maintain. Our glass polishing cloth prioritize quality, durability, reliability, and comfort to effortlessly eliminate spills, marks, smears, and grease streaks from clear surfaces. The high quality glass cleaning cloths are the best option for different surfaces like mirrors, windows, or stainless steel kitchen appliances, try our best-selling glass cleaning cloths.


Get a clear and streak-free shine with our premium glass cleaning cloths! Order yours today.