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Cotton Mops

  • Cotton Mop Gr .450 And Band Mm 50

  • Cotton Mop With Ribbons Gr .450 And Band Mm 50

Cleaning Cotton Mop Supplier in Dubai, UAE

A clean workplace or home is much hygienic than a dirty workplace. Regular mopping helps to maintain our environment free of dirt and germs. Here are the reasons why the cleaning routine should still involve mopping.
1.Mopping Sanitizes the floor – germs accumulate and grow rapidly, especially in hot weather and flu. Therefore, daily mopping is important in maintaining a sanitary location. 
2. Mopping Eliminates Allergy — One can avoid certain allergens from building up regularly and keep them out of the home by regular mopping.
3. Mopping Helps Avoid Scratches on the Floor- Keeping the floors clean by regular mopping would reduce the risk of these scratches accumulating. 
Therefore, Hygiene Link brings here good quality cleaning cotton mops. We are one of the best Cleaning Cotton Mops Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We have built a good reputation for excellence in the Janitorial and Sanitation industry for more than 10 years.
The Cleaning Cotton Mops that we supply to our customers in Dubai, UAE have the guaranteed weight, absorbency and cotton quality. This guarantee provides the consumer with confirmation of a reliable and quality product so that they can be confident that exactly what they are paying for is obtained.
We have a wide range of Cleaning Cotton Mops-
? Kentucky Mop Head (Colour)
? High Quality Bleached White Mop
? Kentucky Mop Head(White)
? Vita Mop
? Dust Control Mop/Airport Mop
? Kentucky Mop Head(Bleached White)
? Mop Clips
? Microfiber Kentucky Mop 
Each mop package is made of three main pieces, a mop handle, a mop holder and a mop head (sleeve). Since mops are used for wet cleaning, the use of aluminum and stainless steel handles for wet floor cleaning is also recommended. The handles and holders differ as the mops vary.