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Cotton Mops Oman

Cleaning Cotton Mop Supplier in Muscat, Oman

For our good health, clean floors are of great importance. Therefore, with the cleaning products used to clean our floors, we should never compromise. Everyone should always buy mops and brooms of good quality to clean the houses and offices. So, Hygiene Link brings you the finest cotton mops here. Hygiene Link, in Muscat, Oman, is a reliable and recognized supplier of cotton mops. Choosing the right cleaning tool makes it simple and easy to mop, clean the floors and dry them faster.
We are the supplier of all types of cotton mops in Muscat, Oman.
Following are some of the main features of our cotton mops.
 -The aim of looped ends is to minimize linting and fraying. 
 -Made of the finest standard. 
 -Accessible in various colours. Various colours help to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination between areas of work. 
 -Has resistant yarns with cut ends. 
 -Improved corner usability. 
 -Ideal for large surfaces, hardwood and laminate floor cleaning. 
 -For maximum dirt absorption, with looped fibers and soft microfiber for thorough cleaning. 
 -To prevent bacteria from spreading, it is made of antibacterial yarn.
Our mission is to supply good quality cotton mops to our customers throughout Muscat, Oman with their high-quality cotton mop requirements. And also to make them conscious in our business of implementing healthy and environmentally sustainable work practices. Our # 1 goal is your happiness. To find the best solution, we will do what we need. 
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