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Brooms and Mops UAE

Cleaning Materials Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Hygiene Link is a leading cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, UAE with international brands throughout the country. We specialize in supplying all kinds of cleaning materials in which brooms and mops are one of the best products. By providing high-quality products, equipment, and the best services, Hygiene Link has become a well-known cleaning materials supplier company in Dubai, UAE.


Find High-Quality Cleaning Materials from Top Suppliers in Dubai, UAE


Hygiene Link is one of the leading cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, UAE specializing in providing high-quality brooms and mops at affordable prices. Our products are manufactured using top-grade yarn and plastic, ensuring their durability even with daily use. These brooms and mops are designed to clean various surfaces effectively without requiring excessive effort. With a wide range of options available, you can choose from different colors and thicknesses that suit your specific cleaning needs. As one of the trusted Cleaning Materials Suppliers in UAE, Hygiene Link is committed to delivering reliable and long-lasting cleaning solutions.


The categories of our brooms and mops are:
  -Soft Brooms  
  -Hard Brooms  
  -Hand Brush 
  -Mops And Clips 
  -Feather Duster 
  -Toilet Brush 
  -Wire Brush 
Our range of products is shown and explained in depth, but do not hesitate to call us for more information or to ask one of our dedicated and experienced representatives for contact.

Cleaning Materials Supplier by Cleaning 


Brooms and mops are among the staple products to have for janitorial duties. We offer top-quality cleaning supplies, including a diverse range of mops and brooms, for clients across the United Arab Emirates. As most other cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, UAE, we prioritize customer satisfaction. To ensure customer satisfaction, we are committed to offering unparalleled product quality and customer service at competitive prices.


Our brushes and mops are made of the best quality plastic and yarn, which will remain in good condition in the long term. The products serve a variety of cleaning needs. So, be sure to choose mops and brooms according to your cleaning requirements. We would recommend having more than a single form of cleaning supplies to make light work of your janitorial tasks. Our cleaning supplies do a good job of collecting dust, hair, dirt, and many other elements. If you want to give your flooring a good clean-up job and remove bacteria, benefit from us as a cleaning materials supplier by cleaning products that suit your needs.

Our Values are:
Innovation: Offers innovative quality products and services with technical support that meet or exceed international requirements. 
Loyalty: To build customer loyalty through the best solutions & support to customers with the best value-added in everything we do. 
Comprehensiveness: A code of conduct with high standards of completeness, ethics and respect for providers, consumers and our employees. 
Share: We collaborate and share our experience and expertise and ensure that our colleagues do the best they can for our customers and our workers. 
Growth: Ongoing development, training and treatment of our employees to ensure consistency in everything we do.
The aim of Hygiene Link is to continue being a leading importer and supplier of quality and durable cleaning and janitorial equipment and accessories with focus on customer service.
Our excellent service is willing to deliver a big smile on your face  by clearing up your questions and inquiries and having the best quote.