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Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are used to add fragrance to the air or mask odors, with the aim of creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere. Regardless of their purpose, air fresheners can emit and produce a variety of potentially harmful air contaminants that can contaminate the environment.
Air fresheners have been identified as a primary source of volatile organic compounds within buildings from an indoor air quality perspective. Air fresheners have been linked to adverse effects from a health perspective, such as migraine headaches, asthma attacks, mucosal symptoms, infant illness, and respiratory difficulty.
At the Hygiene Link, we supply quality air freshener, a special design, a lacquered aluminum can, metal stems, a highly concentrated and durable fragrance that leaves a constantly cool atmosphere. Odor neutralizer with a strong air fragrance within 7–10 min. Create a variety of high-quality fragrances that create clean, fresh, hygienic, and comfortable fragrances. Metal valves are manufactured using a pharmaceutical valve technology for microscopic spray dispersion.
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