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Plastic Bags

Hygiene Links is a renowned plastic bag manufacturer in UAE. We are a one stop solution for our customer’s plastic bag requirements by giving focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our plastic bags are ideal for carrying, storing, protecting food and clothes from dirt and chemicals and much more. They are manufactured in accordance with legal and environmental regulations. They find great application in both domestic and industrial sectors and can be availed at lower prices.

Our standard line of plastic bags is suitable for individual consumers, retailers and large businesses. To satisfy your unique needs even more, we are also engaged in manufacturing customized plastic bags in various sizes, thickness and colors. Our customers can rely on us for receiving top quality bags which are manufactured in a 100% hands free environment passing through various rigid quality control processes.

  • Oxo Biodegradable Bags

  • Carry Bags

  • Laundry Bags

  • Garbage Bags

Plastic Bag Manufacturer in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is the pioneer in manufacturing plastic bags in Muscat, Oman. It began its operations with only a few machines 15 years ago, but soon grew to become a leading manufacturer in Oman.

Hygiene Link is one of the most advanced manufacturing industries of plastic bags in Muscat, Oman.

The quality raw products are used to manufacture plastic bags. This makes our plastic bags suitable for the transport, storage, food and clothing protection against soil, chemicals etc. They are produced according to legal and environmental regulations. They are commonly used in the domestic and industrial sectors and can be used at lower rates.

Our regular collection of plastic bags is sufficient for individual consumers, retailers and large corporations. In order to satisfy our customers' unique specifications, we also produce custom plastic bags in various sizes, spacings and shades. Our clients may rely on us to obtain the highest quality bags created in a 100 percent free environment through various strict quality control processes.

We provide all our clients with a quality service. We send you our specialized, specialist, incredible attention and support in every aspect of our products, from quality to preference.

Our warehouses and godowns are not only fully packed, we also have a dedicated fleet of trucks and vans to provide our customers with hassle-free and on-time delivery.

Our strong corporate standards direct us and we aspire to improve our trustworthy relationship with our clients, employees and society at large. Therefore, in all our operations, we dedicate ourselves to our company ethics by making it a part of organizational culture.

Our committed and knowledgeable team works unceasingly to ensure a quick ordering process, timely delivery and quick answer to all questions.

Garbage Bag Manufacturer in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is the first-class garbage bag manufacturer in Muscat, Oman. We always have a significant amount of stock to supply to our clients concurrently to the order placed.

Hygiene Link garbage bags are made for heavy food waste and other waste everyday thrash. Our garbage bags are manufactured with a high-thickness plastic. The leak proof quality of our garbage bags help clean every kitchenware.To increase efficiency, our garbage bags are made using the highest quality raw materials. The garbage bag degrades in nature without leaving any toxic residues because it is oxo-biodegradable.

Our garbage bags are made specifically for secure and appropriate waste disposal. They have a distinctive colour code to ensure that each particular product is correctly used.

The waste bags manufactured by Hygiene Link are completely protected against processing and organizing waste materials. With our wide industry experience and active workforce, we have had the ability to produce such garbage bags in high crude materials.

Specifications of our garbage bags are:

  • Light weight
  • Pleasant to the atmosphere
  • Water resistant

We manufacture a large range of high-performance, world-renowned, garbage bags. Our garbage bags are available in different sizes and are in a natural setting. We are well known as one of Oman’s leading manufacturers of garbage bags.

The company not only sells its products, but the team takes care of the viability and execution of the operations of customers.

For the products we offer, clients can remain assured that they will be free of damage. We use quality packaging material to wrap their products for this purpose. The business provides safe payment procedures, including online and offline methods. We also give an invoice to make the transaction simpler.

Our clients can trust us to cost-effectively pricing for bulk or medium orders. We are the most famous manufacturer of garbage bags in Muscat, Oman.

Laundry bag Manufacturer in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is a pioneer in the manufacture of laundry bags in Muscat, Oman because of its high quality production. It began production with just a few machines 15 years ago, but soon became a successful and leading manufacturer of laundry bags in Oman.

Hygiene Link is one of the most advanced laundry bag manufacturing industries in Muscat , Oman.

Our laundry bags are suitable for all kinds of laundry storage. The soft and consistent fabric of our laundry bags is ideal for the usage. We provide laundry bags in different colours. Our laundry bags are made of high quality materials. These are ideal in the laundry room to hold dirty clothes. We work with different sectors and hotels. The bags allow them to be handled easily and securely. These bags come with a high-end drawstring closure that lets them be hung anywhere.

The characteristics of our bags are:

  • Easy clothing storage
  • Drawstrings highly robust
  • Quick to transport
  • Eco friendly fabric
  • Amazing models
  • Different Colors

We can proudly say that the quality and exclusive ideas of our items have enabled us to expand rapidly across the world and to gain valued loyalty from our clients. Our principles and rates of affordability are similar to market demands and through our wide range of products, we guarantee the security of the resources of nature.

We methodically inspect our entire range by our quality controllers without leaving any space for defects that ensure unparalleled quality. Furthermore, our items are wrapped in high quality packaging material so as to prevent wear and tear during shipping.

The ever-increasing market demand for our product paved the way to diversify our range to other plastic goods. Making it possible for us to grow side by side, along with our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns, comments or messages. We're going to try to react to anything.

Virgin plastic bags manufacturers In Oman

Hygiene Link has the understanding exactly-how to deliver a broad variety of virgin plastic bags. We are among the world's top virgin plastic bags manufacturers and suppliers in Oman. The whole range we offer is made using premium raw materials and the latest technologies to ensure the highest possible quality. Some of our products' key specifications are innovative shapes, excellent finish, smooth feel, simple to use and endurance. In addition, we can easily tailor our products in various styles, sizes and colours to meet the demands of clients.

We are backed by experienced experts who allow us to offer our valued customers top-quality and unrivaled products. Furthermore, we frequently train our staff to keep them up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Our virgin plastic bags are 100 per cent guaranteed for their consistency. Our entire range is methodically tested by our quality controls, leaving no margin for any defects that guarantee unparalleled quality. In addition to this, our goods are wrapped in high-grade packaging material to ensure no tear and wear during shipping.

The main features of our virgin plastic bags are:

  • Resistant to all climatic conditions
  • Strong Seals.
  • Custom Construction.
  • Quality and Reliability.

Not only that, we are also committed to relentless creativity and that is what makes us consistently deliver world-class goods at a cost-effective price to our valued customers across Oman.

We are assisted by experienced professionals who enable us to provide our valued customers with the highest quality and unrivaled quality goods. In addition, we hold daily training sessions for our staff in order to keep them updated with the business developments that prevail.

The large range of virgin plastic bags manufactured makes us stand-alone in Oman's competitive market.

The key factors that allow us to be a Number 1 manufacturer of virgin plastic bags in Oman are quality excellence, reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

Eco friendly plastic bags manufacturers In Oman

Nowadays, plastic bags are used for almost all purposes. Due to which our environment is affected with plastic pollution too much. Plastic pollution allows harmful contaminants to affect humans, animals and plants. Plastic will take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down, so the damage to the ecosystem is long-lasting.

All organisms in the food chain, from small species to largest, are affected. When plastic is swallowed, toxins make their way up the food chain and can even be found in the fish people eat.

As Hygiene Link cares about our environment it started manufacturing eco-friendly bags in Oman.

Eco-friendly plastic bags can be decomposed by bacteria or other species present in the soil. Our eco-friendly bags are made from paper, organic materials, or polycaprolactone.

Most plastic bags are made of corn-based materials, such as polylactic acid blends. These products destroy our environment but the products used to make eco friendly plastic bags are harmless.

The Hygiene Link is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic bags in Oman because of high quality raw materials used in our product.

The main features of our eco friendly plastic bags are:

  • Resistant to all climatic conditions
  • Strong Seals.
  • Custom Construction.
  • Quality and Reliability.

Quality excellence and timely delivery have earned us a strategic advantage in the plastic granules sector over our competition.

Our eco friendly plastic bags are 100 % guaranteed to be quality. Our full range is reviewed methodically by our quality checkers, with no faults ensuring unparalleled quality. As a quality, customer-centric organization, our business practices ethics and believes in open transactions. In the field of manufacturing eco friendly plastic bags in Oman , we have grafted the reputation as a trustworthy brand. Our efforts aim to achieve absolute satisfaction of our clients.

We are supported by experienced professionals who allow us to give our valued customers the highest service and quality goods. They are the backbone of being a leading manufacturer of eco friendly plastic bags in Oman.