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Detergent & Disinfectants

Hygiene Links is a top detergent manufacturer and supplier in UAE, providing premium quality detergent powder all over Middle East. Our detergent powders are massively being used in household as well as in laundry industry. They are low foaming, color guarding detergent powder that are best usable with both front loading and top loading washing machine. Our premium detergent powders are very suitable to wash delicate clothes by preserving its softness. Their perfect composition of secret additives gives extra shine to garments and is dermatologically tested safe for your gentle hands.

Apart from our prestigious brand ‘HI-CARE’ Detergent powder, we are also engaged in supplying other reputed detergent powders like Tide, Ariel, Taj, Ayam etc. at rational prices. We have employed premium materials in the manufacturing process of our detergent powders and they have been certified by our quality control department. They will definitely help your cloths look brighter and fresher.

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