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Detergent & Disinfectants

Hygiene Links is a top detergent manufacturer and supplier in UAE, providing premium quality detergent powder all over Middle East. Our detergent powders are massively being used in household as well as in laundry industry. They are low foaming, color guarding detergent powder that are best usable with both front loading and top loading washing machine. Our premium detergent powders are very suitable to wash delicate clothes by preserving its softness. Their perfect composition of secret additives gives extra shine to garments and is dermatologically tested safe for your gentle hands.

Apart from our prestigious brand ‘HI-CARE’ Detergent powder, we are also engaged in supplying other reputed detergent powders like Tide, Ariel, Taj, Ayam etc. at rational prices. We have employed premium materials in the manufacturing process of our detergent powders and they have been certified by our quality control department. They will definitely help your cloths look brighter and fresher.

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Cleaning Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE

In the residential and commercial sectors, a safe and hygienic atmosphere is very necessary as it helps to protect people from different disease forms. A clean and healthy environment improves and enhances the overall look and comfort of the premises. All rooms, such as toilets, the floors, the kitchens, the walls, the doors, the windows, the tapestries and electronic equipment require careful maintenance and cleaning. With this in mind, in 2005, we, Hygiene Link, began the business of manufacturing and supplying cleaning chemicals in Dubai, UAE.

Hygiene Link is active in both manufacturing and trading activities. We owe our clients top priority and therefore aim to deliver them the highest degree of satisfaction. Instead of going for its amount, we always go for the product's consistency. As our goods are environmentally friendly, they comply with both environmental standards and consumers who are ecologically conscious. The most integral part of the business is highly skilled professionals and quality experts associated with us who empower us to keep pace with the current market requirements.

Hygiene Link is one of the leading cleaning chemicals manufacturers in the Middle East. We are committed to the manufacture of kitchen care items, washroom care products, health care products, laundromats, floor clothes, and auto care products. We are aware of all facets of the method of private labeling. Our goods can be packaged and labelled according to our customer requirements. Our products are biodegradable and eco friendly.

We have made progress in maintaining the high quality of our services to meet our objectives and achieve success in the local market so that our clients' interest in their projects can be met.

With the great experience, production, change and growth we work with leading companies such as the major contractors, residence communities, hospitals, and industrial factories.

We are so optimistic that our customers will be pleased with the outstanding results our team will deliver, which will bring value to you and deliver the planned objectives with our best results.

Top Rated Cleaning Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is a certified manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of cleaning chemicals located in Muscat, Oman. We redefine standards in the industry with more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning sector. With time and effort to recognize the dynamic needs of the market, we are firmly committed to the Muscat, Oman market.

Hygiene Link is involved in both manufacture and supply of cleaning chemicals in Muscat, Oman . We owe our customers the highest priority and therefore seek to please them most. We always strive to preserve the consistency of the product rather than its quantity. Since our products follow environmental requirements as well as ecologically responsible customers, they comply with them. The most important part of our business is highly qualified professionals and high-quality experts associated with us who allow us to keep pace with current market demands.

Hygiene Link is one of the Middle East's leading manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals. We are committed to manufacturing and supplying kitchenware, laundry goods, laundry services, floor garments and car care products. We know all aspects of the private labeling process. Our goods can be packaged and labelled according to our customer requirements. Our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

We have set up an advanced manufacturing unit that is embedded with the most advanced techniques and equipment to produce the cleaning chemicals. Our in-house team works closely with our sales team to allow the items to be personalized as needed.

We have made strides in maintaining the high quality of products and services in the interest of our customers in their ventures so that we fulfill our targets and achieve success on the local market.

We work with leading companies, including major contractors, residential communities, hospitals and industrial factories, with great experience, development, change and growth.

We are so confident that our customers will be satisfied with the excellent results that our team will produce, which will add value to you and meet the expected targets with our best resilience.

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One of the Largest Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer & Supplier in Dubai, UAE

The market for hand sanitizers is rising in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone is facing the problems with the selection of a hand sanitizer, because all statements are similar — 99.99% of germs have been killed.

According to CDC and WHO, at least 60 percent alcohol should be contained in an efficient hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers that contain no alcohol, low levels or lower levels of alcohol are not as successful as germs that destroy 60% -95% alcohol. The US FDA also warned the public not to use Hand Sanitizer with Methanol material, but to be careful about Methanol Poisoning. Moreover, the fact that a hand sanitizer is made in accordance with the Good Production Guidelines must also be taken into account. Finally, though, we still have to remember whether or not the hand sanitizer is licensed with the local authorities.

Hygiene Link is the stop where you can find the good quality hand sanitizer. With the birth in 2005, Hygiene Link has continued to be one of the most trusted protectors of health.

Hygiene Link is the best manufacturer and supplier of Hand Sanitizer in Dubai, UAE. Hand sanitizers are well-adapted and we know profoundly the value of hand sanitizers as a material against the epidemic, which makes use of the highest standards from the outset to guarantee product quality for our research and development department and quality control team.

As a manufacturer of cleaning products, we have great faith in providing reasonable prices, and thanks to the mature automated production line, our factory is very familiar with all the equipment and materials required to produce sanitizer, so we can monitor the cost perfectly while ensuring the quality of your personal label sanitizers.

The benefits of our hand sanitizer:

  • 99.99 percent of Germs are killed instantly.
  • 70% -75% concentration of alcohol.
  • Gentle on the skin, not adhesive
  • Report on SDS
  • 0% of methanol ingredients are included

We are available 24*7 for you. If you have any kind of doubts you can call us or send an email. Our staff will connect you immediately.

One of the oldest Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer & Supplier in Muscat, Oman

You can protect yourself and others with 100 percent germs that destroy the hand sanitizing agents amidst the so-called "outrageous" coronavirus outbreak.

Hygiene Link a is leading manufacturer and supplier of hand sanitizer throughout Muscat, Oman. You can trust us for the manufacture of hand sanitizers. At its manufacturing facility we have all the latest technologies and modern equipment to meet the international quality requirements. We have an expert team who are qualified and well-trained professionals who work tirelessly to carry company laurels. The experts follow closely every stage from the production process to the product supply in order to provide optimum quality of the product.

Our hand sanitizers features include:

  • Needs no water
  • Clean your hands
  • Kill and avoid bacteria
  • Maintain the softness of skin
  • Less intrusive than water and soap

Using the Hygiene Link hand sanitizer enables your customers to get rid of germs, diseases and health problems, and looking for alcohol-based hand sanitizers often provides better advantages and protects the hands from infecting germs. And in this respect, in Muscat, Oman, Hygiene Link is established as the top and best hand sanitizer manufacturers and suppliers.

Why choose Hygiene Link in Muscat, Oman, as the best hand sanitizer manufacturer?

InMuscat, Oman, the best hand sanitizer manufacturer and supplier is Hygiene Link. All our components are 100 percent stable and safe on the skin, manufactured in specialist laboratories with the best ingredients verified. We use best chemicals to prepare our WHO recommended formulations with all the purity. Our Hand Sanitizer helps to completely defend bacteria spread, which is also known as coronavirus or covid 19 infection.

We have a complete network of distribution throughout Muscat, Oman. Sales, marketing and customer service are supported by our distributors.

Our goal is to provide best quality products for all customers that will keep our surroundings tidy and clean for the Better life, to be Easier lifestyle & Healthier among other and surrounding bacterial and infection pollution.