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Aerosol Products

We are a speciality aerosols products supplier in UAE with immense experience in serving the GCC market.Our optimal aerosol products are highly demanded owing to their quality, fragrance and long shelf life

Air Freshener- Designed with a secret formula, they are the perfect way to enhance the freshness of your interiors. They have the capacity to lift your mood and spread positivity. Available in various fragrance like jasmine, Oudh, lemon etc, they can neutralize any strong odours.

Polishes- Our furniture polish and steel polish range has been carefully selected to increase the sparkle and life of your equipment’s. It gives a protective coating to the surface which will dissolve in it.

Insect Killer- With our new range of insect killers, you can live in a hygiene environment. Its narrow nozzle helps you to reach in every hidden corner of your room and spray directly on insects, destroying them more efficiently. They are dermatologically tested safe for your hands.

All of our aerosol products are packed and sealed carefully to avoid spilling. Moreover, their special dispensing technology allows aerosol products to be dispensed cleanly and effectively from aerosol cans.

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