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Aerosol Products

We are a speciality aerosols products supplier in UAE with immense experience in serving the GCC market.Our optimal aerosol products are highly demanded owing to their quality, fragrance and long shelf life

Air Freshener- Designed with a secret formula, they are the perfect way to enhance the freshness of your interiors. They have the capacity to lift your mood and spread positivity. Available in various fragrance like jasmine, Oudh, lemon etc, they can neutralize any strong odours.

Polishes- Our furniture polish and steel polish range has been carefully selected to increase the sparkle and life of your equipment’s. It gives a protective coating to the surface which will dissolve in it.

Insect Killer- With our new range of insect killers, you can live in a hygiene environment. Its narrow nozzle helps you to reach in every hidden corner of your room and spray directly on insects, destroying them more efficiently. They are dermatologically tested safe for your hands.

All of our aerosol products are packed and sealed carefully to avoid spilling. Moreover, their special dispensing technology allows aerosol products to be dispensed cleanly and effectively from aerosol cans.

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Furniture Polish Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Hygiene Link is an established and leading supplier of furniture polish in Dubai, UAE.  

A furniture polish guarantees a longer life for the wood flooring and furniture. Good quality furniture polish improves the elegance and increases the life of the woodland. A major benefit of furniture polish is that it protects the wood from wear and tear and improves the longevity of the flooring. Real wooden floorboards can be expensive, so it is important to protect them from daily damage, especially in high-traffic areas. A good quality furniture polish serves as a shield, so no one can physically hit the wooden floor below and scuff it.

Hygiene Link supplies only good quality furniture polishes to its clients all over in Dubai, UAE.

We value the global environmental norm and adopt the 'green clean' principle. Consequently, we offer only eco-friendly furniture polishes.

We are also able to provide total hygiene solutions for cleaning to meet today's environmental requirements. Our company only stocks quality brands, along with the prompt and efficient operation, supplied to it by reliable and environmentally friendly suppliers. Hygiene Link believes only in maintaining good relationships with its clients by delivering the order on time.

On bulk orders, we also offer our customers great discounts. You're just a step back from our best deals. You can also browse our website and get the upgrade with our exclusive furniture polishing products for more information.

Air Freshener suppliers  in Dubai, UAE

To improve the environments and create unforgettable experiences, we supply air fresheners of different flavors to all kinds of companies and industries throughout Dubai, UAE.

We deliver numerous air freshener varieties, highly concentrated, and with a long-lasting premium scent that leaves an all-time refreshing mood. Using a range of high quality fragrances that signify hygiene and comfort, our air fresheners produce clean, new scents.

Following is the list of our air fresheners:

  1. Air Freshener Refill
  2. Air Freshener Refill(Glade)
  3. Carpet Freshener
  4. Air Freshener (Jasmine)
  5. Air Freshener (Lemon)
  6. Air Freshener (Oudh)
  7. Air Freshener (Lavender)
  8. Air Freshener - Ahsan (Aziz)
  9. Air Freshener - Air Wick

The different air freshener fragrances give you more options to sell the products to your customers. You can differentiate the products by using various flavors in offices, restaurants, hospitals, washrooms, rooms, kitchens, food preparation areas, food courts, markets, schools, prayer rooms, dining room, home, car, etc.

Our main aim is to provide our clients with the best in fragrance creation for enhancing their business strategies. Hygiene Link is the best solution for the bulk orders of air fresheners. We supply only the branded air fresheners with no gas, long lasting fragrance.

Our mission to become the most trusted supplier, a tradition to be reckoned with, to increase customer trust with a search for quality excellence. In order to continue our growth and development, our business is well placed. We have a motivated and highly qualified management and technical team who are dedicated and based on honesty, expertise and quality to represent our clients.

For any kind of further queries you can directly call on the given number on our website. Our team will be pleased to assist you.

Furniture Polish Suppliers in Muscat, Oman

Hygiene Link is one of the leading suppliers of furniture polishes in Muscat, Oman. We sell a number of high-gloss polishing products ready to use. These wooden polishes are used to avoid damage by water and termite attacks on the wood surface. Other attractive qualities, including improved appearance and enhanced moisture resistance and other environmental components, are supported by our wood polishes.

Hygiene Link deals only with good quality furniture polishes. We stock only premium labels, which are supplied to us by reputable and respectful manufacturers. By fulfilling the order on time, Hygiene Link just believes in maintaining good relationships with its customers.

Our branded furniture polishes are made with a formulation of emulsion polishes that dust and clean in one simple application. It contains a rich blend of silicones, cleaners, and lemon oil that cleans a wide range of surfaces and polishes them. The use of our furniture polishes leaves behind a good scent of lemon and a dust-free shine. It also eliminates, in one stage, finger marks, smudges, grease marks and stains.

On bulk orders, we also give great discounts to our clients. From our best deals, you're just a step back. For more details, you can also browse our website and get an upgrade to our exclusive furniture polishing items.

, Unlike other supply companies, we treat every order on a priority basis. If you are in Muscat, Oman, and an order is placed with us, you will have it in your hands the next day in 48 hours.

If you have further questions about our services or product availability, or if you want to discuss your particular needs in more detail, please contact us and a member of our team will provide you with all the details you need.

Air Freshener suppliers in Muscat, Oman

The pleasant fragrance is healthy for all of us. A good fragrance offers an optimistic vibe and takes our minds into the mode of relaxation. Owing to the prevalence of germs in the air, the nasty smell around us irritates us and can also infect us.

Hygiene Link provides its customers with a wide stock of decent air fresheners.  For 15 years, we have been a leading air freshener supplier in Muscat, Oman. We supply only the branded products to all our trustworthy and reliable customers at a reasonable price throughout Muscat, Oman. We are a promising organization with safe and nice packaging for timely delivery.

With a long lasting premium fragrance, we provide a number of air fresheners with a high concentrate which leaves an all-time cool mood. Our air fresheners create clean new scents with a selection of high quality fragrances that mean hygiene and comfort.

Following is the list of our air fresheners:

  • Air Freshener Refill
  • Air Freshener Refill(Glade)
  • Carpet Freshener
  • Air Freshener (Jasmine)
  • Air Freshener (Lemon)
  • Air Freshener (Oudh)
  • Air Freshener (Lavender)
  • Air Freshener - Ahsan (Aziz)
  • Air Freshener - Air Wick

The different varieties of air-fresheners  give you additional options for selling the items to your clients. Products can be distinguished by using various styles of flavor in offices, restaurants, hospitals, washrooms, houses, cooking facilities, food stores, market places, schools, priests, dining rooms, homes and vehicles.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best aromas in order to enhance their business strategies. For mass-scale orders of air fresheners the best solution is Hygiene Link. We only have gas-free, long lasting fragrance for air brand fresheners.

Our goal is to become the trusted supplier and to create customer confidence by pursuing excellence in quality. Our company is well positioned to continue our development and growth. We have a motivated, highly skilled technical and management team that serves our customers based on integrity, competence and efficiency.

You can contact the mentioned number on our website directly for any additional questions. Our team is happy to support you.