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The 7 Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Quality Tissue Dispenser

Concern for hygiene has efficiently increased during pandemic. Public places like hotels and washrooms are breeding places of bacteria and germs. Hygiene Links, tissue products manufacturers and suppliers in Muscat, Oman prioritizes our customers health. Hygiene Links, high quality tissue dispenser suppliers in Dubai, UAE produces dispensers made of high quality raw materials and advanced technologies. Our tissue dispensers consume less energy with high efficiency, including auto cut paper dispenser, C Fold, Towel Roll Sinder. 
The use of tissue has become so popular because of its high hygienic value. Besides using soaps at the public washrooms, tissues can maintain better personal hygiene. So it’s really important to purchase and keep an affordable and efficient quality tissue dispensers at offices, malls, hotels, public washroom and other public spaces to ensure the health and hygiene of the society. Installing a tissue dispenser can ensure hygiene, reduce unnecessary wastage of paper and cost effectiveness.


1. Type of Tissue- before buying a tissue dispenser, you have to choose a comfortable type of tissue paper. Because you will be using the same tissue paper for a long time after installing the tissue paper dispenser. At Hygiene Links, high quality tissue dispenser supplier in Dubai, UAE, we produce good quality tissues which are suitable for each tissue paper dispenser.
2. Size of the Tissue Paper Dispenser- you are supposed to choose the size of the tissue paper dispenser suitable for the room where you want to install it. Make sure it is not too small, then you will need to refill the tissue papers very frequently.
3. Types of Tissue Paper Dispenser- being aware of the different types of tissue paper dispensers will help you choose. There are open toilet paper dispensers, enclosed toilet paper dispensers, plastic toilet paper dispensers, folded toilet paper dispensers, hood, rounded top and many more.
4. Material- while choosing high quality tissue paper dispenser, material of the dispenser should be given priority. Choose material which is easy to clean, and is durable. Our best products making us the best high quality tissue dispenser supplier in Dubai, UAE, are manufactured with high grade materials assuring longevity. 
5. Styling – nowadays, appearance is an important matter of pride. Architecture has advanced to give the washroom its luxury look. So while choosing the tissue paper dispenser, look for products with good finishes. There are number of different finishes available in stainless steel including a luxurious satin finish, or steel covered in white enamel which will suit any architectural styling. Choose dispensers which give spectacular outlook for your modern commercial washrooms
6. Convenience – convenience and accessibility is the important feature in choosing any product you purchase. Purchase tissue paper dispenser which is accessible and with good functions.
7. Resistance – washroom products needs to be checked for its resistance as the tissue paper dispenser comes in direct contact with water and air, and easy enough to rust. Tissue paper dispensers with stainless steel are a good choice.
Time to switch from conventional soaps to hygienic oriented tissue paper dispensers. Contact us, HYGIENE LINKS, best high quality tissue dispensers in Dubai, UAE for best products and hygiene guidelines