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OXO Biodegradable Plastic Bag Review: Are They Really Better than Regular Plastic Bags?

Hygienic links, the eco friendly plastic bags manufacturers in oman, has grown to its prosperity with the mission of saving the world. Earth is being consistently damaged with uncontrollable pollution. Plastic is the main villain, which gets piled up in the fertile land without degrading itself and not allowing water to penetrate into the soil, making the land into a barren. As one of the plastic bag manufacturers in muscat, oman we starter to switch into being an eco friendly plastic bag manufacturers in oman to help the needs of our planet.
Biodegradable plastics are manufactured in a way that can breakdown or degrade with the presence of sun’s UV radiation, enzymes, bacteria, water or wind abrasion. The composition of the biodegradable plastics make it much better that regular or traditional plastics as they are made up of renewable raw materials or all natural plant or animal materials like orange peels corn oil, switch grass, soybeans, microorganism or starch.

Benefits of using biodegradable plastics

Biodegradable plastics are easy to recycle
With the benefit of easy degrading property, biodegradable plastics tale less time to decompose. Beyond that its popularity is as these plastics can be easily recycles through an organic process. This provides a hand to lessen the landfill problems, and also be used as compost or as renewable energy for biogas as they have no chemicals or toxins.
They consume less energy during their manufacture
Even though it consumes more investment to manufacture biodegradable plastics, it is worth the money. Compared to the traditional lastics, less energy is required to manufacture biodegradable plastics as fewer fossil will be in use and hence reduce environmental pollution. It also offers a significant benefit to the environment as it produces 68% fewer greenhouse gases.
Reduction of the amount of waste produces
As it degrades easily and can be absorbed by soil and can be converted into compost, eventually it reduces the amount of waste generated
Lower the petroleum consumption
Petroleum is used to manufacture traditional plastic and have negative impacts on the environment. And constant use of petroleum which a non-renewable resource will end up in fossil fuel starvation. Biodegradable plastics use only very less amount of petroleum as it is manufactured with natural products and hence reduces the consequences and environmental hazards
Soil fertility is achieved with composting of biodegradable products. As biodegradable plastics are made up of natural products, they decay and improve the soil’s retention, further helping to grow healthy plants without using chemical fertilizers
Biodegradable plastic products can mix with our traditional products
The eco friendly plastics manufacturers in oman is recognized as the future, because of the benefits of the biodegradable plastics products. Biodegradable plastics can be easily combined with traditional products, after converting the biodegradable material into a polymer.
Plastics are the bane of the nature, making huge hills of waste, stopping the water from flowing through the ground. It pollutes the water bodies, air quality when burned and the soil becomes infertile. Biodegradable plastics are revolutionary. Save the world with hygienic links