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Important things to consider while Laundering Cotton Dust Mops

Dirty mops just don’t clean floors. Mops continue to pick up dust as long as relatively clean. But at some point the mop will get so dirty and you need to clean it before further using. After frequent uses and washing, cotton mops will start falling apart.  In case of synthetic –blend mops, you can simply put the mop head in the washing machine to clean it. Here we will discuss the mop cleaning procedures in washing machine and washing with hands. 
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Washing Cotton dust Mops in Washing Machine
If there is excess dust mop head, vacuum it or briskly shake it off.
Place mop head snugly in net washing bag 
Soak the mop in hot, soapy water for at least 10 minutes.
Use a regular laundry detergent and wash the mop in washing machine. 
Always wash in full machine load and make sure not to over-wash it.
Rinse the mop in lukewarm water to remove alkali.
Hand washing cotton mops
Use a counter dusting brush to remove excess dust or vacuum the mop head.
Take a bucket of warm water and add adequate amount of detergent in to it. 
Place the mop into the solution and leave it for a few minutes.
Now place the mop into a wringer and remove as much water as possible.
Hang the dust mop up and allow to air dry.
It is important to dry the mop heads quickly and fairly so they don’t start to mildew. If the weather is humid, use a hair dryer to speed up the process of drying. Always read labels as some of the mop heads may not do ok in the dryer. Buy only quality assured floor wipers from a reliable floor wiper supplier in Dubai, UAE.
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