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How To Choose The Best Hand Sanitizer – A Consumer's Guide

Hygiene Links, the leading disinfectant manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, UAE  is one of the first companies who utilised the method of chemical cleaning.  As we all know, this method completely removes the dirt and impurities from any surface without any traces.  It can either use chemicals alone or can be assisted by physical means. With the help of this technique, we were able to manufacture high quality disinfectants. Now we are in the path of innovation, where we use this process in a safe and user friendly manner to induce it into the production of hand sanitizers. We, the best hand sanitizer manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, UAE has tried and won this process and is now planning to elaborate our business by taking it to the next level by collaborating with other leading business groups.
Hand sanitizing is the best method to clean your hands while you are in the middle of a journey. Even if you are stuckedup somewherewithout water and if you have sanitizer there is no need to worry about cleanliness. Moreover, sanitizers are better cleaning solutions than water. Sanitizer can be of two types - alcohol- based and alcohol- free. Our company, Hygiene links the leading disinfectant manufacturer and suppliers in Dubai, UAE is one of the top companies to produce both set of high quality sanitizers. The alcohol based one consists nearly 90% of alcohol in the form of ethanol or propanol. It is used in getting rid of microbes and can be used as disinfectant as well. The alcohol free one consists of benzalkonium chloride or other anti microbial agents that fight against microbes and at the same time give a soft texture to the skin.  These types of sanitizers are safe for kids whereas the alcohol ones are effective in cleaning method. Other than this we also produce gel based sanitizers which are easy to carry, hand sanitizer sprays that can be sprayed on the palms and hand sanitising wipes too. We hope you would collaborate with us, Hygiene Links hand sanitizer manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, UAE, to produce our products in bulk for the growth and betterment of both parties. 
The reason why we are labelled as the leading disinfectant manufacturer and suppliers in Dubai, UAE is because of the fact that rather than just focusing on our business alone, we care for our customers too. We used to give them thorough knowledge about the ingredients used in our products so as to gain their love and support.  Some ingredients wouldn't be suitable for people with sensitive skin, so they are made to choose the safest sanitizer for their skin from our varied group of sanitizers. They are provided with knowledge regarding the storage of alcohol – based sanitizers. They are made aware that those type of sanitizers are inflammable and also should be kept away from the reach of children. We provide them with the best sanitizer in an affordable rate. Our aim is cleanliness of all regardless of their economic background. The usage of sanitizer is well explained to them. We have given them a correct method on how to use it by applying it all over the hand, including the fingertips allowing it to dry afterwards. The peculiarities of each and every sanitizer of ours is clearly mentioned to them so that they can choose the best one for them.  Our sanitizers can be stored for 3 years and the alcohol based ones loses its effectiveness once the alcohol concentration reaches below 60%.  Thus, Hygiene links, hand sanitizer manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, UAE is expecting your support in our next step by collaborating with us for the production of high quality sanitizers which will indeed be useful to all.