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5 Reasons Why you should segregate your Waste


Waste segregation is cumbersome. You have to have multiple bins and you have to sort out your waste to segregate it. Is it worth the extra time and effort?


Here is why you should segregate your waste:

It Facilitates Recycling

Segregating your waste using waste segregation bins in the UAE makes it a lot easier for the waste to be recycled. This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill and is better for the environment.

It is harder to recycle waste which was not segregated. Sorting out mixed waste is difficult and expensive.

Waste recycling is not something for health and sanitation institutions only. Everyone who produces waste has to be involved in recycling. At the household level, this means segregating waste.

Some people refuse to segregate waste because they fear that the effort might be useless or that the waste will be re mixed later.

It is Safer for Public Health

Some of our waste is hazardous and needs to be disposed of in special ways for the sake of the public. When you segregate your waste, it becomes easier for people to identify hazardous waste and dispose of it safely. Hazardous waste mixed with normal waste can be toxic for the public.

Hazardous waste is capable of creating chronic health complications in the people who are exposed to it. It must never be mixed up with nontoxic waste.

You can tell if waste is hazardous by looking out for hazardous signs on containers. When hazardous waste is not properly disposed of, it can contaminate water sources and negatively affect the health of people and animals.

Waste Segregation Improves Safety of Workers

Segregating your waste using waste segregation bins in the UAE is also better for the health and safety of the people who have to sort through your waste. They don’t have to put their hands in it and end up with injuries or infections. These kinds of occupational hazards might cause their health to deteriorate.

It makes Waste Disposal Cheaper

When you segregate your waste, it becomes much easier for it to be sorted and this makes the whole process of waste disposal cheaper. Fewer man hours are spent sorting through it. Sorting waste leads to savings on landfill tax because less of it ends up in landfills.

It saves Landfill Space

Waste segregation leads to more recycling and therefore less waste winding up inside a landfill. The United Arab Emirates has been working on a plan to achieve complete landfill diversion by processing and recycling its waste. The municipal waste company has instituted incentives for reducing waste and regulating what goes into landfills.

People in the Emirate now dispose of their waste using improved color-coded bins in blue and green that are free of odors.

How to Segregate your Waste

Have two separate bins in your kitchen – one for wet waste, and the other for dry waste. Have separate bags for paper and plastic. Keep used sanitary napkins in a separate bag from the rest of your waste. Any plastic from the kitchen has to be put into the dry waste bin while it is dry. 

The blue and green color-coded bins in the UAE make it much easier for people to segregate their waste.

If you live in an apartment complex, you may have to reach out to the neighbors and the management of the apartment building. Talk to the management about getting separate drums for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste.

Fruits, vegetable waste, foliage, flowers, wood and pencil shavings, all go into the biodegradable waste bin.

Fabric, clothes, plastics, aluminum foil, glass, tetrapaks, and metals all go into the non-bio degradable waste bin.

Those extra seconds or minutes spent segregating your waste are so worth it when you realize the far reaching positive effects of using waste segregation bins.