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10 Tips For Getting the Best Shine from your Furniture Polish

Furniture, especially wooden furniture, matures gracefully but may start to lose its lustre and freshness as it does. Consequently, it is crucial to keep it oiled in order to preserve its brilliance. Your wooden furniture will appear better and stay in better condition if you regularly wax or oil it. 
The same goes for our wooden furniture as it does for us when it comes to grooming.  Being one of the best Furniture Polish Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, today here in this blog will cover some tips on how to make your furniture shine more.
Equipment and Material
You will require a robust brush or a vacuum cleaner. Obtain some fresh, clean, and unused cleaning rags. The most efficient cleaning is done with microfiber towels. 
Grab a bucket with a capacity of 5 litres of water right away. White vinegar is a powerful green cleaning ingredient for everyday cleaning. Use olive or vegetable oil to polish the furniture if it needs it.
Create Space
Get free access to surfaces made of wood. Remove any embellishments, such as knobs, unless they are necessary to hold the furniture together, such as hinges. Counter and tabletops made of clear wood. 
Remove the pillows, mattresses, and bedsheets if it's a bed or sofa set. To create extra workspace, now move the furniture away from the wall.
Dust Off
To get rid of dust and collected debris from the surface, corners, and cracks, use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner or a soft manual brush. 
Rub the surface with a wet towel if you choose. Dust the cushions, pillows, and mattresses while you're at it.
2 litres of warm water and half a cup of white vinegar should be combined. For bigger areas, the ingredients could be doubled. Now, dunk a rag in the water and completely wring it out. 
You don't want the wood finish to be damaged by too much water. Gently scrub the surfaces in a circular motion. When the cloth becomes dirty, rinse it, then repeat the process until the entire item is clean.
Remove Moisture
Buff surfaces with a clean, dry cloth. To achieve a dazzling finish, repeat the circular motion. Repeat the wash procedure for any spots that are not as clean as you would want. The wood should be clean and dry after this procedure.
Once or twice a year, give wood a good polishing to maintain its quality. Furniture Polish Suppliers in Dubai, UAE provide some of the best furniture polishes that are sure to bring the extra shine in the items. You can also mix one-fourth cup of vegetable or olive oil with an equal amount of white vinegar. 
Use the mixture to dampen a microfiber cloth as you polish the wood until it shines. To ensure that the liquid is operating as it should and is not in any way harming your furniture, test a small area.
Keep Wooden Furniture in Safe Places
By safe places, we mean locations where the furniture can be kept in good weather. To put it another way, it is best if you keep the wooden furniture out of the sun. 
In the event that this is not feasible, make an effort to reduce its exposure to the sun's direct rays. Additionally, it would be wise to keep the furniture away from regions that are excessively humid since this could cause cracks in the pieces.


We all enjoy sleek, space-saving furniture, particularly when it is custom-made. But as you are aware, cleaning furniture can be very difficult, particularly when it comes to household furniture. 
Fortunately, there are such better methods for maintaining clean and shining hardwood furniture. Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning tools from the cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, UAE, on hand before beginning the cleaning of your furniture.