CEO’s Profile

Mr. Saji Kannath, a self-made individual, dynamic, vision-driven, entrepreneurial-minded personality hailing from India is the CEO of Hygiene Links. Inner drive combined with enthusiasm, taking challenging assignments and accomplishing them with a clear focus is his forte. His leadership has been the pivot in making the plans and vision a reality with the active support and getting the involvement of the entire members of the group. His entrepreneurial passion combined with entrepreneurial tendency has made the group reach heights and has provided the direction for the group.
Having around 15 years of rich experience in organization building, Mr. Saji has been instrumental in ensuring the company which started with simple beginning in 2005 has crystallized into a group which aims to become a conglomerate in near future.
Being at the forefront armed with his lineage in marketing and sales, Mr. Saji has been the driving force in ensuring the brand image of the group and its effect on sales is driven successfully which has seen the group move from stage to stage on its path towards excellence. Works closely with sales and marketing departments that provide the customers best service and satisfaction with his personal touch and monitoring.
Mr. Saji dons the dual hat for the group with being the CEO as well as the Group’s sales and marketing director.
CEO’s Message
Greetings from Hygiene Links.
It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce Hygiene Links to give a glimpse & insight about the group.
With a seed that was sown in 2005, with the active involvement and dedication of the chairman and the team of employees, the group has been seeing the slow, measured and steady growth that has its dream to be one of the leading players in the Gulf region. Being unique in terms of the products and service to the customers, fostering the strong relationship with the suppliers and connecting well with the customers makes us grow and deliver better products and services to our stakeholders at large.
With a dedicated and result oriented employee strength of more than 125, we love to work on exciting and enterprising programs that make our products the most preferred products for our customers. Here at Hygiene Links, our business operations and culture are anchored in our core values and characteristics. It is our firm belief that by embracing these values, we will achieve success:
Leaders set objectives that are achievable, realistic and at the same time bring the best out of people that define the direction for the group. Our leaders create and embrace change and set the example. We at Hygiene Links do leading by example for the members to follow and emulate. Leaders are committed to professional development starting at the lowest levels of the company. Leaders demonstrate initiative and follow through.
Provide integrity that is manifested by possessing strong moral character, exhibit consistency between words and deeds, and do what’s right. We at Hygiene Links establish trust by demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and accountability.
Customer Relationship/Loyalty
Customer focus is demonstrated by responsive, dependable, empathetic advocacy of customer’s needs, goals, and objectives thereby creating positive word of mouth advertising about Hygiene Links. Our products and their quality are our main theme in converting our customers becoming loyal to our products and the business.
Effective communicators set clear objectives with explicit, measurable, goals and a realistic timeframe for achievement. Our communication style follows availability and approachability, and demand performance while providing constructive evaluation and feedback.
Having vision is possessing a keen sense of what to do to maximize the potential of the company. It’s demonstrated by proactive, forward thinking and planning that anticipates and delivers performance beyond the group’s and customer’s current needs. Par excellence is our Vision.
Sound and Timely Decision Making
Good decision-making requires good decision analysis. It requires identification of options, clarity of judgment, completeness, thoroughness, decisiveness, and effective implementation. In short, in Hygiene Links, it means getting it correct.
Continuous Improvement
Always looking for a better way of doing things. Hygiene Links seek new, innovative opportunities to excel, overcome adversity, and provide alternative, constructive views. Continually improve processes and systems to improve productivity.
Hygiene Links plans to create value for the various stakeholders by continually improving and using cost-effective techniques to be the preferred solution provider to the customers and the society at large.
We can confirm that our products attract much interest from the market within our chosen areas of focus and that there are ongoing activities and developments in prioritized segments. Before drawing too many conclusions from this, it should be kept in mind that it takes time for our customers to evaluate us containing our professional touch. We can also conclude that our specialist expertise is an important part of the business case. A key component, that is critical for future development, is our ability to provide cost-effective solutions.
As can be seen, and observed, with our professionalism, active engagement and involvement of our employees, our suppliers and customers, our group has grown from a humble beginning to a rapid stride that includes future development and growth, expansion plans for increasing the manufacturing capacity in our plastic industry, increase our converting capacity in the paper company, aiming to start our operations in Sharjah, U.A.E and additional showrooms in Doha, Qatar and Dubai, U.A.E.
With this update, I hope to provide all the stakeholders of the group, an up to date picture of where the group stands right now. Also, I want to emphasize that with the active support and involvement of the management team and the board, we have a proactive and development future plan with a set and clear agenda on how to go forward. Currently, we are working intensively in order to demonstrate to our customers and other stakeholders that, by using Hygiene Links’ approach of the customer first and user-friendly solutions with a good chemistry, it is possible to create significant customer value and also value for all of us having an interest in Hygiene Links. 
Saji Kannath